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Ha ha you make me smile, let me know when your going to be the priminister 


Orchid Lady

I agree too and am hoping my boys will have the sense to bring home 'nice' girls when they eventually get girlfriends.  I have to try and keep a slightly open mind and remember that things have changed, although saying that if we look at pictures of girls/ladies in the 60's their skirts were very short so some things haven't changed too much (obviously I am actually too young to remember).

 " Then I will be told exactly what was done, what it was, and what next.  Let's hope the dream lasts a bit longer."
The surgeon will probably give you a quick peck on the lips and say, would you like the same as last time !!! Just after he injects you and you pass out !!! LOL. The mind boggles???
You know i am only having fun, Mike
King regards.
Steve 309

Hello Mike - great to see you back in action.  I've been away for a bit so I haven't been able to keep up with your progress but I'm so glad you're recovering.

Keep your pecker up!

All sounds great Mike 



Great stuff Mike 

Glad to see you're on the mend - and back to your usual jokey self 

Busy Bee2

Sounds like your appointments are turning into dates Mike!


Good luck with it all, I'm very glad to hear you are well enough to appreciate kisses

Pleased all went well. Here's hoping everything is on the up. All the best. X

Orchid Lady

Oh Mike, I'm seeing you in a totally different light now  Now we know what you're really up to with these nurse 

Anyway, glad to see that things are going in the right direction and fingers crossed you continue to recover well.  

star gaze lily

Glad to hear you are feeling much better Mike, take care, best wishes and hugs Lily x


Glad to see you in good spirits Mike, all the best

Only just seen this thread, brought a tear to my eye. I wish you all the best Mike. Xxx



You deserve it Mike! Haven't commented, but have been following your ordeal and am so glad you are feeling so much better. Take care and keep posting.


Yeys!  Glad to see some smiling after your ordeal!  I guess when everyone gets together to send a hug, it gets very big! That'll keep you busy with water and trimming stems and removing flowers gone over 


 Hope you get a good lie-in today Mike.  I have not been on the forum very long but I know you have - I've been reading your words of wisdom.  A stranger is someone you have never met but you have met so many friends on here.  All the best.