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Busy Bee2

Oh wonderful - so glad you are enjoying them.  Indeed, we are all friends who just haven't met yet - that sums it up.  Hope you do get to have a lie in today.  Like the others, I am looking forward to the pictures!! xxx

Happy Flower

The kindness of strangers in the hardest of times. I wish you all the very best Mike, you are an inspiration.



OK this is the first time I've been on the web today and obviously missed your post of last night Mike. So glad you got the flowers,after all you 'did' send Mrs Fish a box of choccies so there!!   

However,the driving force was Bee and she got the rest of us to share some of the milk of human kindness.Enjoy the flowers mate 

Love and hugs from the fishes xx

Orchid Lady
MICHAEL!!!!!! You must take it easy is there no-one that can tend to your GH for you? If I lived closer I would come and help, even with my inexperience I'm sure I could do something, unfortunately I live too far away I'm sure you are anxious about your plants but your health is more important.......take that as stroppy telling off from Tracey!!

Yes, but good to have watered the young plants, you'd feel worse if they died. Roses can manage without being dead headed.


Orchid Lady
Well if two of us are saying it we must be right Re the pink pills, if you haven't had your allowance for the day then yes

You can do virtual gardening for me Mike to keep you busy, see my perennial thread....need ideas, but keep it simple, remember it's me you're talking to

MIKE!! You just behave yourself!!! Just pace and rest regularly, the fresh air will do you good x

Orchid Lady
Do you have a chair outside, could you maybe sit down and aim the hose spray? Just a thought? X
star gaze lily

MIKE!, I thought I told you to take it easy and SIT in the garden too! Tsk tsk...naughty step for you....


Glad you're feeling better, look forward to seeing pics of flowers.

Very best wishes and hugs Lily xx

Mike,take it steady.Don't go out on your own till you are stronger.Haven't posted much but have been following your story.Love reading your knowledgable and informative posts.It must be really frustrating not to be able to get out into your garden but, won't be too much longer before you can do some things.Glad you liked your flowers.Everytime you look at them,someone on this forum will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.x

So good to know you are up and about, just don't over do it.

Busy Bee2

Gardening should give you pleasure and not stress.  Like OL, I wish I lived closer and could pop in to do a bit of cosmetic improvement on your garden for you.  So if going outside stresses you out, you shouldn't do it - you can take it all in hand next year when you will be back to normal.  If you get some pleasure from pottering about though, then by all means go outside.  But make it easier on yourself.  Just do what you want to do and your body can cope with.  The moment it becomes a strain, STOP!!  Bossy Bee x


So sorry to hear that you are down tonight Mike. These things happen and they are awful at the time. Sad thoughts that go round and round. But things move on and the sun comes up and after a few days it's hard to remember how bad it all seemed. 

Not much anyone else can do except say tha they are thinking of you and wishing you  a full recovery.


So sorry I didn't see this post before I just sent you a pm Mike.I'm really sorry you're feeling down but please don't stop posting.And no you're not hugging centre stage at all,to suggest you are would be to assume you asked for your current problems.Like pansyface has said,a few days from now things will look differently I'm sure.Take good care my friend and hang in there.


What a shame.  I thought you were doing a bit better than UGGH!  You are a strong person and have the support of your daughters and family and all your friends here. Keep thinking about your book.   Have you started chapter one yet? I know lots of people who would buy it!

Do what you're told and rest and recover.  We can wait to hear your words of wisdom - but not for too long xx



You make it sound like hugs are a bad thing!


Hope today is dawning brighter Mike ((hugs))  

Maybe you can spend a little while sitting - I said SITTING! - in your garden soaking up some sunshine and fresh air - don't look at the things that need doing - just look at how well your Creator has been managing without your input for a while - I'll bet there are some beauties flowering away for you 

Dove?  Behave! 

Mike, we are interested in you so no need to feel uncomfortable.  Hope the forum is good support for you.

Orchid Lady

Sending hugs Mike, try not to be down, although it must be hard.  We are all here for you xx