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Don't you just love this time of the year? What are you waiting for?


flowering rose

I am waiting for more of my clematis s to come out in flower.


That looks almost like a dessert!  I'm waiting for a cheeky trip to the garden centre on Friday as I've booked the day off work. Oh, and a lottery win pretty please!

I'm waiting to see what colour a rhododendron will be that is flowering for first time since we moved in and for my alliums to come up. Always dreamt of having alliums.  can't wait 

I'm waiting for my new garden arches to be covered in flowers.


I'm waiting for my sweet pea "Cupani" to cover the obelisk around which  I've planted them, for my free-with-GW poppies to germinate and hopefully flower and for the singly bud on my peony (first in five years!) to open! It is a fantastic spring

Victoria Sponge

I'm waiting for my salvia border to flower so I can work out what kind they are!

Also hoping my buddlea hedge will grow and flower after a miserable last year to see if the mixed colours look as nice as they do in my head  


I'm waiting for a massive plant order to arrive

Busy Bee2

I am not so much waiting, as dreading the demise of the tulips.  They have been so gorgeous this year - I will really miss them when they go, but the oriental poppies, delphiniums and alliums are all gearing up to show off, so I should be able to get over the loss soon!!  That's the wonderful thing about gardens.  But I'm not wishing the days away.


Victoria, will you show us pics of the Buddlea hedge when it all happens please?

I'm waiting for mid-May when I take all these pots down to Somerset for the flooded gardens appeal and reclaim the terrace

Scott Edwards

I'm waiting to go on a number of local open garden days. Love visiting ordinary people's gardens. The smaller garden of a keen gardener always inspires me more than the gardens of those who have shed loads of money and simply buy lots of plants which their gardener plant for them but its clear they know next to nothing about gardening.

Victoria Sponge
artjak wrote (see)

Victoria, will you show us pics of the Buddlea hedge when it all happens please?


I certainly will! Whatever it looks like...


I'm waiting to see if my raspberry canes have survived a year in my not so attentive care .    Some of them don't look too happy at the moment . . . . fingers crossed!


The new peony I bought recently - buds are there! 

And looking forward to seeing  the clematis flowering now that they're in their new home.

I'm waiting to see my new agastaches and heleniums flower.  Also for wallflowers and stocks ...which have been go over and get all my summer perennials back in.  

I guess though I'm not really waiting.  This is a fast time of year so it's really trying to keep up 


Orchid Lady

I'm waiting for my direct sown sweet peas to pop up, no sign of them yet 


My greenhouse!  Sooooooo excited.  Delivery time 4-6weeks.  Now at 3.5 weeks.

Sorry, not in the essence of the thread but needed to share!

other than that - my daylilies. Love them. azaeles already out, love those too.  Think I'm a gordy flower girl!


the day me and  OH  have a pimms  or two ..  in the garden


im waiting for the sun to come out - getting some more soil, plants and mulch - just praying the sun comes out at some point this bank holiday x


I am waiting for a day that is not too rainy, not too sunny, not too windy, not too hot, not too cold, not too damp and not too dry for my husband to announce that this is the day that he will clean the windows.