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 anyone out there clued up on karchers, i used mine for the first time since the summer and felt there was a drop in pressure, though the flow from the tap was ok, could it be the machine, its still workingbut not with the same zing ,i always run it on dirt blaster, got it ,june / july 2010, not been usded a hell of a lot, anyone had similar withj them, also recomendations for a good quality replacement if i need one , ...alan bridges.


Bumping this one up as I'm thinking of getting a Karcher 

i did not have the the hose connection valve switched to on position properly, now working ok ,though i still fancy an upgrade to the karcher k4,lucky i gave everything a final check as i had arranged to take it to a service place in kilmarnock ,god knows what they would have charged to strip it down and tell me there was nothing wrong with it,so therefore karcher still number one at the minute.


Oh thank goodness you found it to be a simple fault before you'd sent it to be "serviced" !! We've never had a problem with Karcher pressure washing in fact three generations of my partners family all have one and swear by them (also their window washer is pretty fantastic too!)

who does the best price on the k4 karcher. ?



Alan it seems to vary at the moment but B&Q would be a good place to watch out for especially in the January sales as we brought two from there last year when they were on offer. Also if you can get an over 60 with their discount card to go with you it helps bump the price down!

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