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I made some window-boxes and among the rest of the plants I put some bulbs about a half-inch in diameter, they flowered profusely with single pink flowers held on single stems about 7 inches long, the leaves, also on stems just shorter than the flower stems resemble 4 leaf clover with a reddish-brown centre. Today I cleared the boxes out and I need to know what the bulbs are and how to over-winter them, I kept the packaging for weeks, then in a moment of cleaning frenzy I ditched it. I have heard Monti say it over and over again ALWAYS label your plants now I know why!!!!!

Looking forward to your guidance,

Cheers for now,

Ken Smith

Green Magpie

Yes, it sounds like oxalis and I think it's pretty tough. We have some of this in odd places in our borders and it seems to keep coming back each year.

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