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I have good intentions but, like many of us here, I don't do it and forget what I've planted. Been much better this year but I lost the pen I had during a move and the one I have just now fades a bit. I intend doing a planting plan of the garden over the winter as everything in it has been planted by me apart from one or two items which will make it relatively simple.

Fairy, a planting plan of the garden is good idea.  I used to do just that so that I knew everything I planted and where, including bulbs.  However it takes discipline to  maintain that standard ESP if borders are changed 


lol it's always great to label things, but sometimes it's impossible for me. I buy plants from places like car boot sales and think ooooooo thats pretty - I'll 'ave that! Soooooooooo then the end of the year rolls round, I dig up said plant, get my label and trusty marker pen out, and write........ oh heck, I don't actually know what this plant is!! So, I try and be descriptive. I write "daisy-thing" and "white flowers" on the label, and wander off, tutting to myself.

Sounds bit like mr Bean Emma...


If I buy slate label will they be better than the white plastic with a sharpie 

slate labels what would you use to write on them 




I sometimes abbreviate on labels and later wonder what I meant.

I have become quite parsimonious - I now cut up old margarine tubs for labels. I even colour coded my tomatoes this year because I knew the pencil would fade! However, it does make the gaden look as if it has a rash at times!


Outdoor girl, that made me laugh.


lol we're a strange lot aren't we 

I wrote out some labels and covered them with clear nail varnish to seal them. Well it doesn't work, when I went back all the writing had run. Back to the drawing board then


I had KEF's problem. Pots of RBHs, WGDs and BlYs

I never label in the garden though. I have a list to refer to.


Its great to see that it isnt just me. I thought I was just lazy but it appears most of us have the same problems. I have just tied plastic labels to the remaining short stubs of dahlias which should help next year.

I also use abbreviations which is usually hopeless as is labelling just 1 of 5 babies which start in 1 row in greenhouse but end up all over the place.


Coloured labels are useful when growing a lot of plants of the same variety. Have a note book, write in blue labels = tomato 'gardeners delight', then stick blue labels into the correct pots or put all the pots into the same tray and just label one pot in that tray. Then don't lose the book! You'll need a range of label colours

I had a beautiful row of Irises pop up this year, and could I remember planting them?!!! A lovely surprise, but seriously worried about my tiny brain cells!!! So yes, I'm labelling now!!!


i found two pots this afternoon both covered with moss emptied one out and it was full of tiny bulbs all sprouting, back in pot new compost into greenhouse no idea what they are 



a garden planer would be to organized wouldn't it??


The beauty of a garden plan indoors is that you can work on it during the winter months....tinker, experiment, etc work,out plant associations all from the comfort of your armchair 

Verdun wrote (see)

The beauty of a garden plan indoors is that you can work on it during the winter months....tinker, experiment, etc work,out plant associations all from the comfort of your armchair 


Then do something completely different when you get out there


Yes...........I know nut but actually it's what I do tend to do.  Even after "perfect" planting I will often change my mind.  Decisions, decisions! 


But our final decisions are brilliant aren't they Verdun