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I'm always busy, like most others, at this time of year digging up some tender perennials, or dividing perennials and, in my haste, forget to label what they are.  Some I will recognise but others not......I.e. where the difference is of colour or variety. It is so frustrating when I come to replant in spring when I don't know which colour, maybe of echinacea, agastache, etc. , I'm plantIng.  This is ESP annoying when a colour association is wanted and you get it wrong.

Just me?  Or are you just as over hasty?  

This year though I have armed myself with spare marker pens and labels so I won't make that mistake this year.

I was about to throw out a seed tray with what I thought were weed grass seedlings when I remembered that I had planted agapanthus seeds there . At least I hope that is what I have now. Either that or the weeds have become very regimented and now grow only in straight lines.


I'm not bothered by colour associations - just what it tastes like.  

I'm always frustrated when the OH labels things without the variety though.  Some stuff I want to buy again but can't and others I want to avoid.  I've tried to make her more organised but failed miserably.  I'm just content to label my own stuff on my own plot and let her get on with it....

steephill wrote (see)

I was about to throw out a seed tray with what I thought were weed grass seedlings when I remembered that I had planted agapanthus seeds there . At least I hope that is what I have now. Either that or the weeds have become very regimented and now grow only in straight lines.

I know that feeling - looking at seed trays in the spring and being completely confounded as to what is poking its head out of the ground. 

i label mine throughout the summer while everything is in bloom,i use the plastic tags that have a hole in them and wire them to the plant.the when the frosts come i dont worry i just lift and store



What marker do you use?. I label things, but then find that the name on the label has faded.

Also with labels outside, even though I push them well in, the birds pull them out and scatter them.


I was quite good this year labelled all my seeds and wrote their names on in CD permanent pen but it turns out the bloody pen wasn't permanent. So now I have a lot of blank labels 

Learnt my lesson the hard way but now I own three sharpie permanent pens just for the garden 



Fidget - i have a label maker now, and they don't fade at all.  But when i was writing labels i found that pencil was best, pushed right into the ground so the writing is covered.  You have to slide the label out to see what it says, but it stops it from fading.


I always run out of labels at some point and think I'll easily remember that particular plant but when it comes down to it I rarely do.  I think it's time to buy a serious amount of them instead of a few packs of 25 each year.  I used a quite expensive waterproof marker a few years ago only to find nearly all of writing had faded by the end of the year so went back to using good old 2B pencils - so frustrating to find a plant label with nothing written on it!  BTW, welcome back Verd.


I bought 2 brother labellers. The first lot faded. The 2nd lot have laminated labels and seem to be permanent. Only trouble now is the cost of replacement tapes.

Why not be adventurous!  Bung it in and see what happens! I do it sometimes out of devilment. Some are truly spectacular, others not so. Its all fun.


These are good, the label disintegrates before these fade.

I'm better at labelling now. I used to make a row of seedlings and just label the one at the front. But they always get shuffled around and I'd lose track


I labelled the seeds I planted this year in the green house. Only 3 grew  I thought they were Cucamelons as per the label, turned out to be nicotiana! Not sure how I got them mixed up! 


Always have the best intentions, then don't have all to hand at the time and think I'll remember - I never do! Taken to photographing things I need to move in the border but I'm useless at labelling seeds. I feel a new year resolution coming on but its too early for that! 

Highland Jeannie

I tried a Sharpie which lasted very well, but was rather thick, I later noticed that they did a fine version - great, bought 4 different colours. They didn't last & all my baby irises are confused

I currently use a chisel tipped permanent marker, it's thick but can be used at an angle. 2B pencils are good for the 1st use, but not very good on the shiny side. Thanks for the Stabilo details Nut, might try them next .


Considered those  metal labels that you scratch on.  Will look more into those. Also handy for marking bulbs like snowdrops when pushed almost completely into the soil


I've been considering those for the Shady Bank perennials Verdun - let us know what you discover about them.  I'm also trying to find a suitable label for fixing to climbers that isn't bright white and glaring.


Dove - you can get black labels on the internet. (think I saw them in the Sarah Raven catalogue).  They are more expensive than white, but if you just need a few maybe Santa might be able to help

Stacey Docherty

Metal herb markers are available on ebay at quite a reasonable price and I'm sure they wouldn't mind being used for plants.....


It's a bit thick but I use a black marker pen that was designed to cover scratches on boots / shoes, it doesn't fade or wash off.