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 This morning on an apple leaf. The rear one is black with two red patches, the underneath one is red with lots of black spots. Are these the same species. ???

Judging from the jiggy jggy that was going on I guess these were mating.


I've seen several unmatched pairs in connubial bliss on my roses lately - I hope they know what they're doing ............. 

Orchid Lady

This was one I took on 29th April.....they started early up here


According to Springwatch ladybird  nookie takes up to 8 hours 


Steve 309


Old age is when it takes you all night to do what you used to do all night.

Orchid Lady

I'm coming back as a ladybird  

Heehee! We saw some doing the 'tango' in botanical gardens other day, my little girl said ' look Mummy that owns having a ride on the other one's back!' They looked 2 different types too,hope they waft their babies across the road to us, only seen a few here, have loads of bees , not enough ladybirds


It must be the weather. I found another  pair "at it"



Steve 309

It's what they do.  The birds, the bees and the ladybirds.  Except of course, come to think of it, most bees don't.  Go figure (as some might say).

Steve 309

There is, of course, the well-known story about two dogs in the street doing what came naturally and the little boy asked the parent (or possibly Noel Coward) what they were doing.  Came the reply, "Well the one in front is blind and the one at the back is pushing it all the way to St Dunstan's".


(One needs to know that St Dunstan's was a home in London for blind children....)


8 hours?! See that's what happens when you don't have television.


In KEF Greek I learned from a really old lady in Crete 90+ that she'd had 11 kids, she said ochi ( no) television and slapped me on the arm and pinched my cheek and then did same to my OH.  Could have been worse

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