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I have seen an influx of ladybirds attempting to live in my house coming through my bathroom window.  They appear to be the red variety.  Never seen so many all in one place.   Can anyone give me more information, and how I should treat this invasion.  I would not like to kill them



Open the window and shoo them out

Salino are not alone....I've had a few and  orangey ones...on my dining table...on the floor...

...ooh...that sounds a bit saucy....


where are mine? I want some ladybirds


Holidaying in the south Nut.....we have plenty



perhaps they'll blow my way in Monday's gales


I tried shooing them out,  in fact gently removed about 20 and put outside, and they are gradually come back to see me again

They are looking for a place to hibernate. You could make a bug house and put it against a warm south facing wall.

They will find their way there. If not I have drilled a small hole 1cm under the eve of my garden shed, which allows them access to a sheltered environment to sleep over winter.

Last winter there were 20  or so dotted around the shed.


Was,nt there some kind of verse about ladybirds?

"ladybird,ladybird,fly away home"

Perhaps a bug house would be the answer Pamelala.

Your house is on fire and your children are burned.Cant remember the rest.


All except one and that's little Ann,

For she crept under the fying pan.


Thanks all of you for your advice and verse.    Dave Morgan's info seems  very helpful although after looking again it would seem in each corner of my south facing bathroom window were dens of ladybirds and imprisoning each den was a Harlequin ladybird..   I jettisoned each of the Harlequins and when I returned a little later the little red ladybirds had disappeared (or escaped).  


lucky you!! I can count on one hand how many i've seen this year.


I'm with ZombieGardener, there have been so few ladybirds and wildlife in general around here this year (my first year living in a more built up area).


Ive seen 2 - I'd like more and I'm tempted to buy a load of nymphs in the late spring.


My home has turned into a ladybird hotel over the last few weeks.  There are clusters of them forming in corners of my porch and kitchen.  They are all piled up on top of each other and look like they are here for a sleep over.  I was going to buy a ladybird box but noticed that these have lots of separate little holes.  I assume one hole for each ladybird to hibernate in.  I guess they actually like to all sleep together judging by the clusters of them.  Some clusters have about 20 ladybirds in.  Not sure how I can move them?  Dont want to put them outside as it might kill them.  Any ideas?

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