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In the new Feb mag one of the sub-editors talks about landcress being a good salad.Has anyone tried it, what does it look like, is it worth giving it a try. The editor says it tastes like watercress.

Thanks PP.


i tried it very bitter went in the compost

I tried it to last year, grew very easily but the taste was disappointing to me....tasted like weeds if you get my drift.


Grew it once, tasted it once, spat it out! Yuk


Thanks for the replies, sounds like it's a no no don't think I will bother with it. The sub-editor must have funny tastes.

David Matthews2

Maybe I have slightly perculiar taste buds, but I grew American Landcress two years ago (from packet seed). It was rather slow to start but once it got going the rapidly formed leaves in mid-summer were far less bitter than the first few. So I presevered and kept some seed which has now overwintered as a trough sowing in an unheated greenhouse. The plantlets look healthy and now need spacing out into my new salad raised beds, once the soil warms up/ dries out a bit!

This is usually Barbarea verna. Barbareas are known as Wintercresses and a few species are found in the wild in the UK. They all taste pretty much the same to me, I do admit to trying a nibble whenever I find one!

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