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Could someone please help me with regards to lawn grubs.  These little mounds appear this time of year in my lawn and has done so for the last 3 years. I really do not know what to do to stop them and would appreciate any advise.  Thank you.


These are worm casts and indicate that the soil under your lawn is healthy and being aerated by the worms who will also drag down vegetable matter into the soil which will decay and fertilise the soil and improve the soil structure.  

There is no need to stop them  - just sweep over the lawn with a besom or similar (like a witches broom from Harry Potter) before mowing and be thankful that you have them.  

Morning Caz

Two things.  You mention "lawn grubs" and "little mounds"

I think you may simply be talkIng about little mounds of soiI on the lawn....these are worm casts....worms coming to the surface of the lawn.  Just brush them off with a stiff broom. 

Or, you may be referring to leatherjackets......larvae of the crane fly/daddy long legs.  You can buy lawn grub killer to use right now.  Organically you can cover areas of the lawn with canvass or dark plastic.  Leave overnight.  Next morning these grubs can be seen so,pick them off and destroy.

Great minds think alike dove!  

Hi all, many thanks for the replies, but guess what, they are little black slug like things, I hosed the area where I have the problem then these little black slugs appeared, any idea what I have to use to control them or even better, get rid of them????????



These might be 'leather jackets' as described by Verdun - do they look like these?


 They'll have been living in the soil beneath your lawn eating the roots of the grass, and because you've 'flooded' the lawn they've come up for air - the birds will be grateful.

I still think the 'little mounds' you describe are worm casts.  Anything here look familiar?

New to me Caz.  Are they slugs?

Before I suggest what I might do I  will wait to see what others say these critters could be. ,there are some pretty knowledgeable people on bugs, wildlife, etc. on the forum


a photo would be helpful

Think dove may be right cos I can't think of any black slug like pests.  The explanation that the flooding has brought them to the surface also makes sense to me.  

 Hi All, this is what I thought was a slug, sorry about the picture but new to all of this lol x


maybe something there that the slugs enjoy.

Thanks for the pictures Dove, and yes, there are some which looks like worm casts, but the picture above shows what has come out of the lawn, funny looking thing lol x

Hmmmmmmm.  Don't tell Staceyitnt it's anything other than 3' lomg with sharp teeth.



Hi Busy-Lizzie many thanks for your help, and yes, it is always in the Autumn when I have this problem. I have looked at the link you gave me and will try as they have suggested, many thanks for your help.



Glad it helped, good luck, and thanks for letting us know.

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