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I'm having to re-lay my lawn, and am doing the digging and raking bit by bit so I don't overdo myself. Should I sow the seed bit by bit as I go along, or is it best to wait till the whole lot is ready. I'm expecting it to take another month to get the whole lot ready. What do you think?

Morning Dinah

No, don't sow seed as you go.  It will be messy, awkward and time consuming.

Just take your time, get the whole lot turned and levelled before sowing any seed.  The most important part is to level properly......rake and level, walk on your heels. Rake again.  Walk again.  Get that surface firm so that bumps and hollows are removed.  Get a nice tilth.  A week or so before sowing scatter a general granular fertiliser and rake it in. 

Choose a nice dry amd not too windy day. Sow half your seed one way.  Lightly rake it in....just enough to move seed but not too much soil.  Then sow seed from opposite direction.  Rake again...lightly.  

Water in gently.  

If the area is not too big a covering of fleece will help keep off birds, pests and retain some moisture.

Sowing seed next month is good.  Your lawn will grow rapidly from then.m


Hi Dinah, get it all prepared first. It would be impossible to get it looking right if you sow bits here and there. It's still early so you've plenty of time for getting the seed down and having it germinate before summer. 


Totally agree with Verdun and Fairygirl 

Except ........ where Verdun says "........ then sow seed from opposite direction...."  I think he means ".... sow it at right angles to the first sowing .... "  don't you Verdun?


Ere, I dont no nuffing about them there angles!  I just turn t'other way and sow again, like 



That's great advise, really good details, thank you. I am quite relieved at the outcome, I was wondering how I was going to keep the whole thing under control and worried that if I waited till it was all ready it would be too late. I'll keep my eye out for weeds sprouting in the meantime. I am quite looking forward to the big seed sowing day now 

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