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I believe I have a bad case of Red Thread in my lawn, what is the best remedy weed and feed or kill off the complete lawn and re-seed ??


RHS recomend application of nitrogen, such as ammonium sulphate, but not this late in the season, as it induces soft growth susceptible to snow mould.

I would wait until next spring and then weed and feed.


Thank you for all your advice about red thread and the address for the RHS website.

I will now put your comments into action and hopefully get our beautiful lawn looking lush and green again.

Before you use Wed and Feed, look it up on the Internet.  I was shocked at how poisonous it is to pets and wildlife.  I think the box should carry a better warning and I would welcome an item about it on Gardener's world.   I am only going to use it on small areas at a time, which I can cover with chicken wire and netting to stop birds landing on it.  I don't know what it does to worms. 

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