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Morning   Can you please help   Our lawn is old and worn out full of weeds and moss  can you please tell what product to ust to kill of everything in one go   We then intend to life alln old stuff off and cultivate and reset in Spetember   Any advise will be hellpful 

Thank you  Susan

Advise please  Thank you   New at this 

Thank you   Yes think so  The lawn has been down about 60 years when the house was built and not been cared for   We moved here 12 years ago and made do with garden until we were ready   so we felt that was the way to go  Unless you have any more advise


Thank you Regards Susn


If it is really bad then you need to replace it. Turf is quicker seed is cheaper.

check out

How big is it? Any Photos?


Think it really needs to be killed off    2 thirds of acre about  Ready to cultivate  and set seed in September   Thank you     Not sure l can put photos on here  !!!!!!     dont know how to  


Thank you Susan

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