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Chrissy the gardener

Help I think I have got chafer grubs under my lawn and most nights a badger digs holes in the lawn to get to them. My lawn now looks like a bomb site, any surgestions please.

Bit late to deal with them now I,think but soon you could apply nematodes to control them (chafers, I mean not badgers)

Used to use a lawn grub killer in the autumn but now it is banned but was very effective.  


I just heard on Farming Today that there has been a 40 -year high in numbers of leatherjackets in Scotland. They reckon that there are an average of 250 to the square metre in the grasslands and they are having a deleterious effect on the wheat crop. 

Maybe you could offer the services of your badger to the farmers there!

We have badgers all around where I live. As a protected species (unless you are DEFRA) they can't be touched, They are a pesky lot but even badgers have to eat something.


I'd believe that pansyface. I've never seen so many crane flies as I did last year and I've dug up lots of leatherjackets while  I've been making new beds where it was previously grass. 


My hubby says that yesterday, when he upturned the wheelbarrow which had been left upside down over winter, he had to shake the crane flies out of it. (only just told me that). 

Never mind the badgers Chrissy, wait till you get a mole in your lawn. Then you'll see what a bomb site can look like.



You could try scattering  raw peanuts somewhere where they won't cause damage, such as a paved area.

Chrissy the gardener

Hi panseyface Last year I had moles in the lawn ,I don't know which is worse moles or badgers.


Hope this helps we had a new lawn laid 2 weeks ago and the next day horror as half of it had been ploughed up,Badgers had been in.Anyway what I did was plug the hole where they came in and re-laid the lawn.I rigged up a bright outside light and turned this on all night at dusk for the last 2 weeks and turned the radio on in the garage with the window open onto the garden.There has been no re-entry since then and we turned both light and radio off for the first time last night fingers crossed 

Bet your neighbours loved you.....

Luckily,,badgers dont seem too interested in digging here.  Sandy soil, walled amd gated.  Before it was gated a badger did visit and dug up newly planted shrubs.  I decided it was the fish blood amd bone fertiliser that attracted it.

In a friend's large open garden....almost 6 acres......badgers call and occasionally cause a lot of damage.  Huge holes in hedges created overnight with large stones tossed aside.  Powerful diggers.  They create openings too for the many rabbits there.

My neighbours do love me actually! I placed the light at lawn level and the radio wasn't blarring just audible enough to make a sound.

Chrissy the gardener

Thanks for all the comments I am awaiting the arrival of some nematodes fingers crossed this will work.

Stacey Docherty

Chrissy badgers do love love love peanuts and peanut butter sarnis!!!! When we had a huge problem similar to you and found a few sandwiches left for them halted the problem....

Chrissy the gardener

Hi Stacey What happened when you stopped feeding them the peanut butter, did they bring in their friends as well?

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