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Just used a mini tiller on my lawn as I have recently had drains inserted which left the top uneven, I am planning on laying turf down in a few days. However the current surface after tilling is a mixture of shredded grass and topsoil roughly 3-5inch deep. I was unable to go any deeper with the tilling as this would have destroyed the new drainage system. I have added a picture below. will this surface be ok to lay turf on top of? once I have used a plank to flatten it.



Rake off any big bits,
Then i gently walk over the surface, then give it a quick rake again just over the surface to fluff it up and then get seeding.

The biggest problem with new lawns is with the soil settling unevenly. This results in humps and hollows. Sometimes this is caused by organic matter ( manure or tree roots etc. ) rotting and creating holes into which the turf falls. This shouldn't be an issue with your lawn. The other problem is the soil not being firmed evenly before laying the turf.

I would recommend treading firmly and evenly, with your weight on your heels, all over the area and then rake level. This should knock out any clods of soil and fill any hollows. Take your time and get this right. Once the turf is down, you will never be able to get under it again.  

One last thought, is there any chance of the backfill soil in your new drains settling down any more?  if so, then I would probably leave the turfing until it has rained a few times to see how the land settles.

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