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We have a well established bank of Anemone - Honorine Jobert. It grows on a very steep wall/rockery. Last summer I noticed that some of the leaves on the plants began to yellow and in turn went brown & died. I thought that this might be due to all the rain we had in 2012. This year the same thing has happened but it is more prolific. I've tried feeding it but it is quite difficult to get to the soil between the rocks. It has been established since I bought our house 14yrs ago. Any suggestions as to why this is happening now and what I can do to rectify it?


They may be suffering from the dry conditions we've had this year.  On the other hand, I know they're not keen on being disturbed, but now might be the time to split and divide - they've been there quite a while and will have exhausted the soil around them, and some of the rootmass must be quite old.  It sounds like a big job if it's growing amongst rocks - good luck.

Morning georgie

When I read your post I immediately thought it was too dry there.

You won't lose your jap anemones ...they're durable determined plants....but they need moisture to,thrive.  

I would try to get one or two clumps up and pot up into John innes compost or plant out in good enriched soil in partial shade.  You won't have flowers next year.

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