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I have had my aluminium  greenhouse for a number of years. Recently I noticed that it seems to be leaking badly - trays overflowing with water after heavy rain.

Last year I lost a number of overwintered plants and I suspect this leaking caused this.

Think it is a maintenance problem - I have not done any


Any advice welcome



As tea drinker says, next time it rains you need to go to the greenhouse and see what the problem is.  Sometimes the glass slips over the bottom rail and you end up with a gap at the ridge, otherwise leaking seals are the most likely.  Be extremely careful if removing panes of horticultural glass as it becomes brittle over time and if a pane breaks the broken pieces are potentially lethal, so always get someone else to help and never stand beneath a pane which is being removed (and remove from the outside only)!

And the dges of the glass will slice through even thick leather gloves if the glass slips by so much as an inch..... Aaaaghhhh, my toes are curling, just thinking about it.

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