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At this year's RHS Show at Chelsea there was a company selling lilly trees - with a quite magnificent display of their wears! Does anyone know their trading name or web site please? They were also present at the Cardiff show.



Hi Stifyn, do you mean lily trees (normally called Magnolia trees) or tree lilies (true lilies which grow to 2m or more tall)?



Tree lilies are available from a number of bulb sellers. I have had them from garden defunct) and Parkers Dutch bulbs. Some call them Goliath lilies.

6 feet tall and very perfumed. They need no support, the stems are like broom handles.

Mark 499

They seem widely available, my local independant garden centre had them in the spring.

Also seen them sold as Skyscraper lilies.

The company you saw at the show was probably T&M.

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