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I wonder if anyone has seen signs of lily beetle on their plants. Yesterday I found one on a penstemon plant.  At first I thought it was a ladybird but it was a lily beetle.  I thought that these beetles were only found on lilies. Needless to say I squashed it but I wonder if anyone else has found any of these beetles on other plants also.  This is first time I have. I normally only check my lilies once they have emerged and pick off any I find


I found one on my purple sprouting broccoli last week - I think it was en route to the lilies - not any more it isn't 


Just be careful that they are Lily beetles. There is a Red Cardinal beetle which may be mistaken for Lily beetle. They are gardeners friends not enemies.


The Cardinal beetle's wingcases are longer, duller and sort of pointed-ish whereas the Lily beetle's wingcases are slightly dimpled and very shiny, like patent leather, and sort of squarish at the tail end. 


Got good pictures of both somewhere, will try to find them and put them on here.


This is the first year I've had any problems (one pot of Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis decimated .... but the other 3 are fine).

Didn't think lily beetles were in my part of Scotland.

Have sprayed all lilies and fritillaria with neem solution .... and doused the soil. Hopefully this will work.

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