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I have talked about this before but it still bugging mr ( excuse the pun)!  I have some lovely lilies which take pride of place in my raised bed.  After many years of fantastic flowers the last couple of years they have been stripped of their leaves.  I brought them in the Conservatory half way through last summer but they still carried on deteriorated.  I cleaned all the bulbs and have planted them in pots and left them in the greenhouse.  Can I treat them with anything?  Big guns needed so I can put them out once again.  Any ideas?  I have tried painstakingly picking them off, sunflower oil spray etc.


I inspect mine whenever I'm in the garden and squidge the beetles when I see them.  I also use tissue or kitchen roll to wipe the underside of the leaves to remove the larvae which are what do the damage.  So far I manage to get away without too much damage.  

Good luck 


I use provado ultimate bug killer as soon as I see the first lily beetle on them. This is systemic and will work for six weeks. Usually by that time the  bulb will have flowers on. I dont spray later on in the season. That way I hope to get the larvae which chew the leaves, but leave the pollinating insects.  I squash every last lily beetle I see. They have no natural predators in this country.

Thanks to you both.  Pravado it is then.


I don't usually use really powerful chemicals but lily beetle is an exception.  I truly, truly hate them.   Provado every time, use as it says on the can and do it regularly.  If you spray really early - before you see any beetles or damage - you can nip it in the bud (another bad pun).  I only use it on the lilies, though, so try to avoid too much collateral damage...


Yes, it's Provado or lily beetle.  Provado for me.  


I agree with dovefromabove , regular inspection , personally I knock them into a jar of white spirit but for the last couple of years I have been cleaning the larvae off and the number of beetles  have dropped considerably

best of luck everybody

I have dozens of lilies in my garden - including many tree Lillie's. I am anti any form of chemicals in my garden and, at the end of the day, if a bug is determined to eat something and I can't prevent it then I let nature take its course. With my lilies, as soon as I see any nibbles, I just check under the leaves and deal with them by hand. There are few bugs I squash with relish but lily beetles and vine weevils are public enemies numbers 1 and 2 in my opinion!! Blighters!  

incidentally, I am not a lady of leisure with nothing better to do.... I have a full time job and a hectic life, it just takes a few minutes to go round checking for critters every now and then. Where possible, I try to encourage other, predatory, creatures in to help me out!

Sorry..... I wipe the underside of the leaves with tissue - as Dove does - to squash the larvae its gross but I find it very effective.


I spent one summer trying to wipe off larvae. I always manage to miss one, and by the time I looked again, they were stripped. I sprayed once last year,in around May time, and that kept the whole plant pristine.

 I try to encourage predators, but there is nothing in a UK garden that eats them.

Yes, I like murdering both lily beetles and vine weevils, but lily beetles are the best. My lilies are in pots, I've got about 8 big pots atm - there's no point putting them in the garden, they never appear again.

The beetles are not difficult to spot once you realise that they can burrow into the bud or leaf axils a bit. I put one hand underneath them in case they drop off - which they will do if they sense you coming - and they deliberately turn upside down so when they drop onto the soil you can't see them. I keep a count and see if I can beat it every day. I am not obsessed...........

I also squish the larvae, which is really gross. If you leave it for a week then you'll get damage. Since the first year, when my plants were stripped completely and covered in black goo (I thought they'd got a nasty disease), there's been no serious damage and lots of beautiful flowers. Which reminds me, I ought to be repotting them - and I will find some of the red blighters in the soil.

If I did grow them in the garden and had lots, I think I would def use the chemical.


I've already squashed one this year. The lilies aren't even poking through yet.

It's Provado for me - the only way I am not a truly organic gardener. I hate to admit defeat and if there was any other effective way of getting rid of the blighters I would, but I have about half a dozen pots of lillies, and as many again in my bedding so I'd spend all my precious retirement time chasing the buggers without Provado.

I only spray once, at my first sighting and that seems to be enough for the season.


Lily Beatles are so easy to spot and deal with, ever noticed how they 'hiss' at you if you cup your hands around them!



Despatched one today.  Found it in the veg plot, while I was harvesting the last row of leeks and some celeriac.  No sign of any of my lilies yet though.


Don't forget to check for them on your fritillaria. With the mild winter they will have overwintered very well and this warm weather will have brought them out.

Keyser Soze

I found one yesterday, I thought it was a ladybird at first, sunning itself on my Mona Lisa!

 I've been growing lilies up here in Northumberland for nearly 25 years and this is the first time I've ever even seen one!

After reading the forum I will be out again today looking for signs of eggs or grubs.


Hello all , they have stated nibbling my lilies but could'nt find them , finally got 5 yesterday , so pleased

I let drop into a jar with some white spirit in , for a swim

However , decided to spray Provado as well

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