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Please help! 

How do I get rid of thousands and thousands of liverwort in the gaps between paving slabs?


Is the paving sited on very wet ground Maggie? It favours damp congested spots. I think you'll have to scrape it out and perhaps look at improving the ground the paving's on to prevent a build up happening again, or filling the gaps with a mortar mix to keep it at bay.

If it is Liverwort it must be continuously damp in that area, Liverworts do not have roots like flowering plants, they cannot survive drying out.


Sure its liverwort, sayiny you have thousands makes me wonder.

Yes , definitely liverwort in huge quantities ( I have a biology degree!)

Slabs are in a shady spot by the house, facing west but not too soggy.

I might be inspired to try the mortar mix- thanks for that.

I did scrape it out last year- but it is back with a vengeance!

How about putting salt on them to kill them? It is far enough away from other plants to not harm them.

Any weedkillers good for liverwort, please?


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