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I already have some upright lavender Hidcote in a narrow bed, which is great.  But there's another area of the garden next to the patio where I would like to plant some looser, more sprawling lavender. This area only has about an 8" depth of soil, but I guess this should be enough. It gets sun all day. Which lavenders would you recommend?

Sorry, I put this in the wrong part of the forum.  I've now pasted it into the Plants section of the forum, but can't seem to delete this one.

Please could you post any replies to  the discussion in the Plants section - thank you.



My favorite is edelweiss. Not sure how sprawling it is but it is quite a large one. Its a white dutch lavender which are a bit stronger in scent but still hardy. It is a favorite lavender of bees (beat English lavenders in studies). Mine kept sending up more flowers throughout the summer until october.

Blue dutch lavenders such as provence and grosso are grown for their very strong fragrance to make essential oils. These two are on my shopping list


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