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Is it just me or does anyone else set out to do a job which needs a tool of some kind and then spend a good 10 mins trotting round the garden trying to pinpoint the last spot it was used ?

Fork and Spade aren't "too" bad ( tho surprising how they can disappear too ) but Trowels.......different matter entirely. 

I think every gardener needs  5 trowels in order to find at least one when needed

I hope it's not just me


Join the club! And some of them never turn up either!

Constantly losing my trowel and my scatters. OH has suggested stringing them through my jumper like a pair of kids mittens : )
That should have said secateurs but maybe scatters refers to my ability to lose them constantly

Chrissie...........Scatters says it all...........I've got 4 pairs of Secateurs........I know where one pair is (cos I just used them ! ) OH is thinking on the same lines as your OH...........I get so tired of him saying "Well, where did you last have them ? " as if that helps............if I knew that, I wouldn't be traipsing about searching would I  ?


Busy Bee2

Phillippa yes!!!  I drive myself bonkers.  30 seconds is all it would take to return something to the shed at the end of a session, but do I do it?  No.  Instead, like you, I waste a good 10 minutes at the start of the next session trailing about, getting increasingly fraught, then spotting something that needs pulling out, or propping up, or cutting down on the way, so that I am diverted for another five minutes, and if I'm lucky, I can't then remember what it was I was going to do with the trowel anyway!!  I have two weed grubbers which I haven't seen for two or three months (probably surrounded by weeds somewhere) and won't find again until the winter, and I refuse to pay a tenner for a third!!

I blame children.  Because they interrupt.  I very rarely think 'that's it for today' and pack away.  I am in the middle of something, and then they want something, and then I'm in the house, and then the tea wants putting on, and then there's some washing to sort out, and something good on the telly.  And then I go to bed.  And the trowel lies alone, next to a half empty tray of bedding plants, awaiting their turn beneath the stars.  That's how it happens.  Or the phone, I blame the phone for ringing......


Me too. Hand fork is th major problem, often spend ages looking for it, and by the time i find it, I am really tetchy, so have to calm down before i unleash myself on whatever task it was.

I try to keep all small items: trowels, hand forks, knife, string etc. in a small trug that I carry round from job to job. Does not work, tools still magically disappear. I blame Fairy.

Busy Bee2

Fairygirl borrows your tools?

They will almost without fail be under the pile of weeds that you have created... Ready to be gathered up and put in the recycling bin!!!

Busy Bee2

Ooh no!  Maybe my grubbers have gone to the big garden in the sky already then??

Well, I'm really glad it's not just me

I can't blame children but I "can" blame just about everything else...........and I do constantly


Over the years, I've discovered the best way to find my favourite Trowel or Secateurs is to get so fed up that I go and buy another one............get home, take the wrapping off and set to............within feet of where I'm working with the new ones.............well........would you believe.......there are the old ones.....smirking at me

Sounds like we need some "micro chipped " tools which cheep loudly from the bushes



Aagh. This has happened to me today.  I have lost my dad's trowel and have used a brick laying trowel to plant the four plants we just bought.

I think I know where I had it yesterday - it was in my hand - then it wasn't.  I have been round the (small) garden three times and half emptied the compost bin - no joy.  I daren't tell him as he is always so careful with his things.  I'll just buy another and put it in the garage just before I leave on Saturday. I will 'fess up eventually

green fingered finch

B&Q used to do bright orange garden tools. No chance of losing them (unfortunately!) 

Busy Bee2

Carpet bombing of tools is a useful strategy.  We have used it in the case of retractable tape measures, on the basis that you can get them for a quid, and in OH's case, combs, which have a life of their own apparently (my hairbrushes are more predictable), but at ten quid a go for weed grubbers, I just can't justify the expense. 


Someone needs to invent cheap electronic tags for tools so we can use a smart phone etc to find them (assuming we can find the phone, that is!)



Definitely, every day! Even big things like rakes. OH has painted the top of the spade and fork handles a bright yellow so I can find them more easily!

Bob............I don't even have a mobile phone never mind  a smart one   Just need Smart tools. that's a good idea.........

Busy Bee2

That's a good idea Sue!!  If we could find the paint!!!   But seriously, I can imagine that being really helpful. 

FG.............that is so neat and tidy........if I did that, I'd lose the damn box too

Lesley.......ouch......that is awful..........maybe he won't know the difference ?  Don't confess unless really neceessary