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Dove - i'm in - so long as you make it at the weekend - some of us will still be working next year !!

Me too! I'm in your neck of the woods and would enjoy a meet up Dove  Can't strive though so need to have good bus/rail links!!


Some of the posters on the Beeb boards met up at Harlow Carr one year and it went very well.   I have met up with others at RHS shows and we still chat privately.

I dare say you could organise regional meets in a suitable public garden.  It can be good to put faces to names.



I thought you'd been here longer than that, Dove. I think I joined last autumn. I've met one person from this forum and 3 from the other forum I do. Liked them all. Living in France though means can't just do it, have to fit it in in visits to England. Perhaps, one day, we may go to Southwold to show my OH part of my childhood memories. We go to Eastbourne because of family and next year we are going to Shropshire.


Id certainly be up for something around Sheffield/eastmidlands/ derbyshire way


OH's family came from Sheffield, but he doesn't have memories of there because they moved. I'd love to see your garden though, punkdoc, but I don't know if we'll ever be your way. What about another photo in the meantime? Even if it's not recent. You sent a lovely one when you joined.


That place looks nice Dove. A definate for next year 


OH has pointed out to me that I started on here when we moved here, which is just over two years ago - my how time fles .... I used to be on the BBC messageboard, but only very occasionally.

Well, making plans for next year already .... but that's just what gardeners do isn't it 


Every forum has a churn. Ideally you have a mix of very experienced, experienced. middling and newbies. I have not detected any animosity here, sure we may have different POV but that is healthy.


I'm up North and just a "simple Yorks / not Cornish lass " ..hope no copyright on the phrase Verdun  so might not be able to find Anglia

If we do have a meet more in the north I'll make one.


Same here KEF, I'm on NW coast, I'd meet up 

The potty gardener

I'm on south coast.Anyone else down here fancy meeting up.I met up with Lizzieand it was lovely to be able to sit and chat.It is nice knowing that bit more about her.


We'll be back in Eastbourne again pg Bev. from 11th November. I will have to go to the GC again but no plants this time, Ryan Air. If you are free we could have another meet in the café. But aren't you working again now?


The potty gardener

Lizzie as I'm back at work I could only meet you after four or at the weekend. If it can be arranged it would be nice to see you again.


This is going to be fun - lots to look forward to next summer 


Hopefully it can be arranged, after 4pm or Sat. 16th. What time does Paradise Park shut?

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