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Where are some of the missing Forum contributors, especially Frank ( palaisglide)?

Highland Jeannie

I started a similar thread about Frank a couple of months ago & 1 or 2 people had already sent him a message without reply.

As he served in the War he would have been a good age, but it would be nice to know what has happened to him. I do fear the worst. 

I found his posts interesting & informative & miss them.

Bunny & Sotongeoff used to post a lot & were knowledgeable but don't appear any more.


They left because there was some sort of disagreement on the site. It's very sad, but Waterbutts has now said she's leaving. Someone was rather cruel to her over pruning apple trees - at least I think it was that because I've just read that thread.

Frank left very suddenly when I don't think there was unpleasntness. Worrying. Brumbull left very suddenly too but has now reappeared and says he was very ill. That's the trouble with forums you don't know when someone is very ill, or worse. Brummie Ben used to post when Brumbull was first here, haven't seen him for a bit.


Tina has gone AWOL.

Wintersong ?

Artjak ?


We should not look for suspicious causes for someone not posting.  People do post when they feel like it, we go away and dont think of posting, alas, people do die and that will be a reason too.  I recall a couple of occasions when.....lovely,though it was ......people asked where I was. I still read the forum but didn't post for a day or so cos it was a busy time.  

The situation with Tea is a different matter I think.  Nothing to do with the forum, as she said today.  I'm sure she will post again when her issues are sorted.  

I think we ought to put things into perspective.  This is a forum for garden discussion as well as for other topics.  People simply talkIng to each other amd enjoying doing it. Let's not analyse it too much 



Yes, so they have. I liked Wintersong's photos, I wondered where she was the other day on a thread. Figrat?

.....and we will never know what happens to posters here.  There won't be anybody to inform us.  The forum is about here and now


I know that really, Verdun, but can't help wondering. You sort of start liking certain people here.

I know.  Actually I think I like most everybody here.  It shows what a caring forum this is because we actually do identify with each other, don't we?


Everyone  is so supportive when someone is having a bad time or is ill.That is what is so nice about this forum.Yes we do identify with each other Verdun.

hollie hock

I haven't seen Palisglide for a while or Gold!locks. Followed his advice on taking clemantis cuttings......and it worked. Got some good advice off Bunny as well

Think wintersong popped up a few months ago, her photos were good




I've posted here for a year or so I think, maybe a bit more,  and have been on another forum for considerably longer.  

On the other forum we arrange meets in different part of the country, and I've met up with several people, some of whom have become real rather than 'virtual' friends - one has been to stay with us when recoving from nursing her husband until he passed, others have been to stay nearby and we've met up and gone out for days together, looking at art and gardens and eating food.

A few people on here have met up, and if anyone wanted to arrange to visit to an 'Open Garden' in East Anglia next year I'd be up for a 'meet' if anyone else was.  Think it would be fun 

 That is what is wrong with this otherwise good forum.

Some people are never off  it.  

and some try to take over.

Give and take,   and don't take it too seriously.



Sounds a good idea Dove, I'm up for it.


Same here but I'm 'up norf' 



you can organise a meet up norf MsB.

hollie hock

Great idea, bit too far for me though

Could be interesting.....growing on me 


think i will just learn as much as i can on here, and not take it too seriously, hope it turns out to be informative tho