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Hello all just letting you know Mr Alan Titchmarsh is on TV tonight in love your garden 8pm on ITV

Great like this show

Do you like the shows?


Thanks Gg, I'll be watching (or at least recording).

Orchid Lady

Thanks Gardengirl, set to record on series link 


oooh thank u hun for that.. will be watching. xxx


Orchid Lady

And yes I do like programmes like that,mi like all gardening programmes.  Just catching up on GW from Friday 



me to Orchid Lady any gardening programmes.. as there are not alot of them on .. so grab them when can..



I'm behind on GW too OL,been too busy watching England becoming a laughing stock,if they weren't already 


Thanks for the heads up.  I love all gardening programmes too  I know it's instant gardening but  it is what's required at the time.  Still get loads of enjoyment and the odd planting idea

Fishy - why did you waste all that time


if the footballs fininshed then I`ll be able to watch other wise it`ll be good old itv player lol


the tidy gardener

I don't think I will watch it.

last series every episode was an instant expensive garden for someone very deserving, then alan titchmarsh  showing them round and everyone crying.

it gets massive ratings !

I would like to see a gardening programme where they deal with nothing but problems and how to solve them.

Orchid Lady

It depends which side of the football fence your household lives on  Sarah.......stop watching because we are now out or keep watching just because it's the World Cup and every match has to be watched  I like watching my own team play but am not one for watching very single football match going 


Lobby the programme makers claire  I watch it because it always emphasises how important an outside space is for everyone - whatever their abilities.  If only everyone in their position had the money

the tidy gardener

ooh yes, I often think when monty is planting out stuff, how much did that cost?!!

and then he says "we" sowed these seeds earlier, who is "we"?!! does he have a team there?!

they should do a Jamie oliver style gardening programme for people on a budget, like he does cheap recipes.

I wish I had £30,000 to spend on doing my garden up! Entertaining but wholly unrealistic for the average gardener, but then average gardening wouldn't make good TV would it.


Heather Michaels

If only we all had a Mr. Titchmarsh that would come and "do" for our gardens at exorbitant costs whilst we were out doing the weekly shopping or some such other everyday chore! I do watch (but didn't realise it was back on last night) as I like the concept of the show, but really, in terms of cash outlay completely unachievable and unrealistic for the majority of us which makes me a bit irritated. Most of us don't have that kind of money to splash out on our gardens!

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