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i enjoyed love your garden this evening.  

However, those bamboos...why?  Even in those bottomless planters the roots will spread.  Plus a couple directly in the ground?  And planting agaves where children play?

the issue is people will "watch and learn" and copy that planting and the difficulties to come


I have to say I wasn't a fan of tonight's garden and like you spotted a few 'issues'. 


Wasnt that the marks and spencer advert music?

 Not just a garden.....oh now its turned to star trek.

I'm watching an hour behind on recorded.

I m not sure it showed off the sunniest county and didn't he run a GC  I'm sure his customer's  would be puzzled  by the planting . 

Oh and where does a busy mum of three girls hang her washing or am I the only one who likes to see clean washing billowing on the line (am I that sad person )

I know that gc too primrose cottage.  

My garden too, like every practical garden. has to accommodate the compost heap, the veg patch...that looks decidedly half picked at this time of year....the clothes line, the draped out hose pipe, the (untidy) stores of plants not planted, etc. have to be in the land of  "gushy"  now and then and I guess I am there sometimes.  Still the land of gushy is not a bad place to be for an hour or so methinks 


I half agree with you V  I liked the path through the lawn easy to put a line up  to hang out smalls without walking on the grass


And Essex is the driest 

Didn't mind this one, I've seen better, I've seen worse 

Yes, Tetley...I DID enjoy the programme .  It does have its flaws but....  Wont argue about the sunniest county....does the king have to deny he is the king? 


Actually Kent is the hottest temps and extremely close to Cornwall in hours of sunshine but sadly they nip us by about 50 more per year 

Your majesty...

Fell asleep and it wasnt on to record  had just seen the M & S ad, and said to other half that that tune is really catchy., I thought Suffolk was meant to be the driest?  I am in a village near Eastbourne, which is meant to be the sunniest Town, (its actually raining today, but weve had so little)  Tetley vision of your dogs walking round with "poo" bags and hiding them.  When my youngest Daughter was about 5, we would see these signs saying "pick up after your dog", she did actually think it meant YOU had to pick up the poo first, them your dog had to pick up!


I'm not liking the gardens this year 

I will have to check last series but they look way too fake 

It's like a B&Q mock up 

Hmmm!  Sometimes I feel a bit of a fraud.  Cant paint, draw, sculpt or play musical instrument. I buy or propagate plants that have been discovered or bred by others...simple.  I try to put them together etc but how many of our gardens consist of indigenous plants?  None of them are totally natural. 

Love your garden is a step or two beyond that..........meant mainly to stir the emotions rather than be practical.

My Late lovelly nan said there was no such thing as "cant"!

Love your garden was a delight this evening.

all the ingredients were there.....pure escapism, joy, over the top.  

Can't look at this as a garden prog I know but it did provide a perfect garden for a deserving family

Couldn't agree more Verdun  what a lovely little family  


Have a cuppa on me Tetley 

Discovered the A to Z of gardening, downloaded and watched 1 and 2, no 3 "C" downloaded 3 minutes, tried BBC i Player on the PC, exactly the same thing, anyone managed to watch it?  Tetley make green tea?    I have a camomile/honey at bedtime, does that count?

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