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Lavender Lady

I am just loving this series of GW.  It seems to be more laid back and easy going than it used to be.  Monty walking around with his cuppa and Nigel following behind - just like a real garden.  It used to be more formal.  Maybe it is just me, I don't know but I am loving it and last nights was one of the best, 

Well done Monty and the team

I agree with you, Lavender Lady.      It's perfect for the average have-a-go gardener, but I can well understand that those with plenty of experience and knowledge won't  be happy with it!    Maggie


I have to agree with you LL. Whether you have a lot of knowledge or not -  isn't it nice just to enjoy watching something pleasant with no shouting and yelling or loud music in the background!

I must be getting old...

Hello all I really enjoyed last night show like getting the wildlife into the garden  Monty was nice and relaxed and me too and a bit clumsey when planting some plants in the garden so nice to know it is not just me like that


I've been thinking the same - really excellent this series.



i would like to see monty with a full mug of tea 


I agree, a brilliant series. I'm with you Fairygirl, no loud music, no shouting it is bliss. Why does everything have to be so loud these days? 

Fairygirl wrote (see)

I have to agree with you LL. Whether you have a lot of knowledge or not -  isn't it nice just to enjoy watching something pleasant with no shouting and yelling or loud music in the background!

I must be getting old...

Nonsense.  If you're getting old that means I am too.


I'm in two minds really 

I enjoyed it and I really Like Monty But I would like to see a bit more gardening technique last week and this week monty just replanted a plant and introduced us to his compost area



Now that Beechgrove has gone nationwide CG - you get lots of tips and techniques on there. One programme for half an hour can't possibly be all things to all people so I wonder if that's why they've done it. If one doesn't suit you the other one might! It's certainly a step in the right direction. The only issue I have is the 'slot switching' which happens over the summer due to sport. I think that needs addressed by the powers that be. Not everyone has cable/satellite tv to automatically record them.

What is Beechgrove?

Thanks, looks interesting.


I agree,Fairygirl & co. I thought the same but felt that I was being baised as the double act of Monty& Nigel always bring a smile to my face. I have felt that Monty is very basic and down to earth.Especially the manner in which he dealt with his recent illness. He comes over as someone who is self effacing and happiest when he is in his bit of "paradise" with Nigel in tow.

He has no airs and graces, him apologising to Nigel reminded me of me saying sorry to plants when I accidently break a branch; but I am soppy anyway

I've noticed more recently that GW has been a bit more instructional rather than "hey look at my wonderful enormous garden and oh look, some box hedge!" which it seemed to be in the first season after Monty returned.  There has to be a happy medium between simply watching and marvelling at gardens and educating the masses.  In half an hour, that's a pretty tall order. Beechgrove seems to be mostly demonstrating how to grow a garden, with lots of trials (and errors).

Perhaps the BBC can look at taking off air some of the dross they put on during the day and replace it with a daily gardening show, using real people's gardens and allotments. It would still only need one or two presenters and cheap TV but can you imagine?  We've had enough of Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt or Homes Under The Hammer.  How about Grow your Garden or Green Fingers.



It's a great show, just a shame it does not go out twice a week in peak season. Or make it an hour, half hour to show 3 VT's is not much. I would like to see Monty and Carol together they must never see each other, except at the Christmas party.

I agree with all above.  At one point I lost interest as it seemed to be what was happening in Monty's garden which had no relevance to me but that has now changed.  I pick up tips and and enjoy a gentle and an invariably attractive programme.   I only wish my dogs were as well behaved as Nigel! 

Off to investigate Beechgrove, thanks Fairygirl for mentioning it....

Beechgrove Gardens is much more informative and in a more realistic size.   Monty is very good but doesnt realise his three compost bins are the size of a lot of gardens.  I really enjoy the down to earth approach of the Scottish Gardeners and the disasters as well as success.     I also agree that we dont have enough gardening time on our tellys well done Tim Burr your comments are right on the mark.


Yes, but what a fabulous compost area! I never realised composting could be so interesting, just wish I had the room for so much of it!

Just wait though until you see the new allotment series coming out which is being filmed right now and which is similar I believe in style to the Great British Bake off.

Something to look forward to methinks