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Early Summer I had success with a packet of Lupin Seeds purchased at the show in Birmingham.

All 20 seeds have now given me small plants in 8 inch clay pots. Alas they all appear to be having an issue with mould/ mildew. Leaves are looking very blue grey all new leaves coming through very normal bright green.

What should I do ? and how to winter over as I do not want to plant out the plants until the Spring. Would appreciate some help please. 



Hi Jennie

Lupins do tend to look a bit ropey at this time of year.  I'd get rid of any dead or dying leaves and put the pots in a unheated greenhouse or cold frame over the winter and plant out next spring.  Don't worry too much about watering them, maybe just enough to stop the compost drying out completely over winter.

Thank you for the advice they are going into the coldframe shortly. 

flowering rose

they do a bit mouldy,I cut off the offending bits and they grow back but now they will beginning to die back.I have mine in pots and keep in shed where they seem to like and dont die right back.

I have sewn some lupin seeds too in the past 6 weeks and there has been a high germination rate. The slugs have claimed a couple unfortunately but most are doing well. Will these continue to grow over winter or will they only start developing properly next spring? And will these flower next year or take another year or so before any colour?


Is it because the pots keep drying out, because clay dries out quicker and is better for plants that prefer it a bit drier.  If it is white like powdery mildew it's probably beause the plants are under stress. You  can pot them on and overwinter in a cold frame for strong plants next year.  They should be ok against a wall with a bit of fleece if they are fairly big.

hollie hock

I'd imagine that the growth would slow down in the winter months, the ones in the garden are looking very ropey at the monment. It might just be me  but I think they do take a couple of years to really get going.

Grew some from seed last year and they didn't flower this, but did put some on good growth


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