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Don't think you erred,5ml is a double scotch, 0.5 ml is a tiny amount, a thimble full. Could be wrong, let us know.

How much was in the bottle ? Pour the rest away and tell client you have used it all. 

Steve 309

A double Scotch is 50ml; if your local is giving 1/10 measures I should report them to the Trading Standards people!

5ml is a standard teaspoonful (and probably not much more than a thimbleful).  I'd be surprised if that much, diluted to a litre (i.e. 1:200) is going to cause much damage to the plants.  It'll kill the ladybirds though .  You could wash it off by spraying it with water but it's probably too late for that now.

0.5ml is a few drops; much less than a thimbleful.

Anyway, you can blame her and tell her you told her so!


Was it a systemic pesticide, most of them have a period after use before you should eat what was sprayed. Might stay longer in the plants system before it' s safe to use, this is only a guess 


I absolutely wouldn't use any pesticide on edible plants - not ever, for any reason !!!

Presumably the client employs you because you know something about the job you're doing?  She should take the advice she's paying for. 


My feeling is that it won't really do much if any damage.......possibly leaves will look a little sad for a while....possibly 

Edd, why use it on herbs though?  I have never used any chemical on herbs because they usually are very tough and healthy plants.  Which herbs were they?  Many can be cut back now anyway. 

Agree with Dove......never spray edible crops.  

I use chemicals sparingly.........for vine weevils, for caterpillar infestations occasionally.....but generally garden organically.  No artificial fertilisers, very few slug pellets in early spring and fleece is used for carrot fly and pea moth.  

There is a place for chemicals...we use them in our homes. (you may be surprised at the extent of that).  We control the odd ant invasion, housefly or whitefly atack with chemicals 


The fact she bought it so cheaply makes me think it was out of date or ineffective in some way .  You could be lucky.  If it had happened to any of my potgrown plants I would take them out of the pots and dunk each thoroughly in a bath of rainwater.  Then repot in fresh compost.  Many benefit from cutting back now anyway but make sure she does not use the herbs in her cooking.  Tell her they need cutting back to sprout lots of lovely new shoots for her to use the rest of the year.  We have dreadful pollution in Bristol today and I will not be using anything from the garden but the saladings in the conservatory are fine so a cheese salad for lunch and chicken salad for supper.


0'5 ml is a few drops.  10 x dose probably won't hurt the plant, but as it's systemic it will persist for at least  four weeks. Give it a drench of clear water(probably too late), cut it down for fresh growth. Advise not to eat. If it flowers in the next six weeks, cut the flowers off as they will be fatal to bees.


What do they supply to measure 0.5ml? A mini syringe?

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