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I know several people with Parkinson's and think the idea was to show how complicated every day tasks become, whether it came across in a garden I'm not sure. A terrible illness as many of these things are 


Quite disturbing. Yes David, Parkinson's is quite disturbing. Especially for those who can no longer enjoy this lovely hobby


It gets people talking about it. Just as we are doing now.

We saw it at the show.  Without the explanation on GW I wouldn't have understood what it was all about.  Still had plenty of interesting elements to the garden for those not 'In the know'.

As an aside, that was one of the lucky gardens as it seemed to have survived the rain of Thursday and the gales of Saturday.  Some had been severely damaged.  We were talking to the designer of one who said the tall hedge on hers had been dragged back up almost to upright by attaching guy ropes to the back!

It must have been soul destroying after all the work put in.


I'm not sure how you can design a garden to represent the frustrations of suffering from Parkinsons.

One of my best friends who I have known and worked with for getting on 30 yrs has been diagnosed as having Parkinsons for the past 4 yrs. He takes medication to help slow down and control the worst of the effects but at present there is no cure and he is struggling more as he gets older.

I saw the garden on GW and to be honest I agree with David and I did'nt see how it was relevant in an RHS show. The range of disabling issues caused by Parkinsons is too varied to be described by a garden design.

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