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Many years ago I had a realistic looking mannequin amongst my gooseberry bushes at top garden. I even added my shaved off,beard to his face and an old pair of glasses......such was my attention to him!!!!!! A topic of fun or irritation but couldnt ignore him. Over time "he" died. Ahhhhhhhh! Would love to get another. Asked at local shops, stores etc for them without success. Tried to topiaryise Taxus fastigiata imto a human figure but not,too good. Would love to get hold of a mannequin. Maybe make one myself. Is this gnome-like or "class"? Or am I regressing to my,childhood....childlLIKE ..days??? Where can I get another?
Ignore this one folks.....posted twice. Wot am I like?


Will do that Pete. Thanks

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