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Hello from Northern Thailand,
I happy to see your website/forum because my knowledge about organic natural living will never complete and maybe I can share a little of my experiences with you...
We grow up and produce on our 100% organic nature small scale farm/garden any kinds of fruits,veggies,flowers,bamboos and oil palms - and have big fun... If you want,you can have a look at my homepage for better knowing with who you talk(write). At the camping website (eco-farm)click gallery on the bottom more pictures.Here you have some impressions of my wild garden (Password: ThaiGer). I very happy to have the chance to correspondent to another farmer/gardener with the same way of thinking. For today best luck and regards, ThaiGer. (means Thai-German...) , . Thanks for looking at us.

flowering rose

Its good to share Ideas ,you never stop learning and its good to hear that you enjoy what you do.

Gary Hobson

I'm pleased that someone has at last replied to this thread. I noticed the original post when it was first posted, and wondered whether anyone would say anything.

The two websites mentioned pose a lot of questions. I won't even begin to give my opinions.


Agree, best passed by. This forum is not the place for it.

Gary Hobson
nutcutlet wrote (see)

Agree, best passed by. This forum is not the place for it.

No! I not agree with that view.

There are a lot of implied questions in there, about sustainability and self-sufficiency. Those ideas are often used by gardeners here, as a justification for what they do, or would like to do. It is that discussion that can become very involved.

A few years ago TV gardeners here used to tell viewers that growing veg was a way to save money. If you listen carefully to what Monty says now, that message has changed. Now it's all about growing for taste.

And there are other ideas in this thread, that are relevant to gardeners here.



Yes, it was the donation part I though inappropriate.

Gary Hobson

Another big issue in there is about carbon footprints. The original poster wants to be envionmentally friendly. But seems to expect tourists to fly out there for holidays. I've got nothing against foreign holidays, although some people might.

Carbon footprints, food-miles, and issues about growing food at home versus imports, is a related and controversial, subject.

A key idea behind that project is the idea of escaping to paradise. This is a big philosophical subject. Some people would say that the entire idea is an illusion. And there are lots of viewpoints about that.

One small thing - I noticed something in those websites about growing bamboo to eat. That's a novel idea that might appeal to some gardeners here. I grow a lot of bamboo. But I'm not intending to eat any.


First I want say that I'm sad about the controversy over my introduction. It was never on my purpose! For a better understanding: the first homepage (camp.-in...) shows my attitude toward the natural-organic living.Many of the pdf's in "organic farming" reflect upon the complexity and/or distinction of this subject.They ask for relevant and objective discussions.Sure. I think, any of this facts,experiences and opinions are transferable to other countries. The second webpage (nutcutlet say Donation) should shown the dark side of my area. It's my small part for help to soothe a little bit the poverty and misery of the poor- they are all farmer, good or not good.You must no have a look at this webpage, ignore them. But this work is a important part of myself.Sorry!. However, let's talk about organic,natural,sustainable or nature farming/gardening...let's go. ,

flowering rose

Don't  take to heart what people write on this page, we are all keen gardeners and love growing things and sometimes we get a little misguided by things.we all have op ions and voice what we feel ,it does not mean we are not interested ,we are.If you like we are all gardeners of the world responsible for the way  we farm or garden.We can learn from you and you from us in how to help each other that's what is do keep in touch .


1000 thanks, with organic regards, ThaiGer

Gary Hobson

I'm still intruiged by this thread.

It seems to be like Groundhog Day. Again, just like yesterday, no-one has offered to take up your dialogue. Although you raised a lot of interesting ideas.

I'm pleased to see that you've given a good answer to a question about composting on another thread.

There was a wonderful TV series shown here called 'Around the World in 80 Gardens'. The series is actually available on DVD. The series was more concerned with what people think gardening is about, rather than about the detailed mechanics of sowing and planting. Why do people do gardening. What do people, around the world, think that a garden is about.

One the topics mentioned was 'the search for Shangri-La'. The presenter described how Europeans viewed gardens in the Far East as some kind of paradise, and thought they might find happiness there.

It seemed to me that you were trying to do something similar - trying to build a utopian garden in a far-off paradise. Though, as you have discovered, things are not as simple and straightforward as they might appear.


When people say lets talk about organic farming-and lets go... a collective groan goes up as it comes over as a bit evangelistic-and then posts links to their own websites-remember some people are cagey about opening links-it is all a bit of a turn-off

I don't see this forum as a discussion group- but a place where people exchange advice,comments and gossip

Just my take on this-it is after all just a gardening forum-not a place to change the world.


Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

When people say lets talk about organic... it comes over as a bit evangelistic...not a place to change the world.

Though some gardeners, such as Geoff Hamilton, who is admired by many, was very evangelistic. A lot of the practices among many gardeners today gained currency through his promotion of organic ideals on Gardeners World.

TV presenters who don't have a passion for something come across as being wishy-washy.

Gardeners who are on a mission tend to be more interesting (even if they are wrong).

flowering rose

well,thai who ever you are ,you stirred the pot here,I think which ever little plot of land you have ,its up to you what you create,whether it be with great passion for organic hippy type gardening or to plain ordinary stereo type ,whose right or wrong?help each with the knowledge you have,no one has to except what you say its not a religious revival and george hamilton ,monty don or percy thrower are of their time as we all are.god bless you.


Georg Faust, at first thanks for a reason to think. Of course at the beginning any years ago it was an utopia, a wishful thinking. Now a reality of the utopia has become but 90%. Now the utopia has become a reality of 90%. Due our farm profit we have a good and happy life (Thai proportion!)- in contrast to any other farmers in our area - by means of our organic farming methods.It is not easy to think and to act different the neighbors. But my small success show me, that I'm on the right track.I can not compare our garden/farm with UK or America.For this purpose, we are too small. In the near future a have a great plan; I want give 30 hectare to Burmese political landless refugees (farmer) for growing organic - a new project of mine...Now you can say: sure this is an utopian idea. But wait to see...The following is utopia or reality My Hope . It's one of my pdf's. Organic greetings, ThaiGer. ,

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