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Hi guys, I've just logged on for the first time this evening and this pm was in my inbox.Its from Mike's daughter Amanda.I wasn't sure if she had sent it to all members but can't see any posts relating to it.Anyway here it is...

Hullo this is Amanda, Mikes daughter, he has asked me to put a post on but I have no idea what Im doing and finding your message to reply to was pure fluke, so I hope that this is ok!?

He would just like to let everyone who has wished him well know that he is ok.  Surgery was more extensive than expected so keeping him in hospital until about Thursday to allow some healing and reduce infection risks before letting him home.

Thank you all for the well wishes you have sent him, Im sure that as soon as home he will be posting away to you all.

Amanda x


Really great news! Thanks for posting it on for all who are thinking of him. Look forward to reading his comments again soon.


Thank you Fishy - it's good to know he's on the mend now - and if the surgery was more extensive than expected hopefully that should mean that they've got it all, so  I think that's positive. 

If you're able to, please pass on our warmest ((hugs)) and positive thoughts and say we're looking forward to being able to chat with him and benefit from his knowledge and experience   Please thank Amanda for her message. 

Orchid Lady

That's good news, let's hope his recovery goes as expected and he is home again soon.  Sending hugs (again) Mike and thank you to Amanda for taking the time to update us, and of course to Fishy for posting. 

I hope Mrs Fishy is doing ok x


thanks for letting us . know amanda . 



Hi guys, yes I messaged Amanda and thanked her.Yes hopefully Dove they have got all the bad stuff so a positive I think.To think he wanted us all to know...

star gaze lily

Great news Mike. Make the most of all the fuss from those nurses  take it easy and rest as much as poss. Best wishes and hugs xx

Very good news. I wish you well Mike.


Thank you Fishy for letting us know. Glad to hear he is doing well


I am really pleased to read this  Best wishes to you Mike 


Let's hope that the operation has done the trick. Lovely of Mike to think of us all when going through such an ordeal. Best wishes for a good recovery Mike, and take it easy.


Good to hear that Fishy, thank you.

Fishy, thank you. I didn't realise your wife was also ill, best wishes to both of you.
Amanda, how kind and thoughtful of you, really hope you are hanging in there and not finding his illness too worrying.
Mike, garden buddy, you did it! You went through it, let the docs get on with what was needed, came through it of course. Bit sore now eh? It'll pass and another excuse to get the lovely nurses to your bedside administering extra painkillers and TLC. Hands still holding.

It's great news. Worst is over, so Mike can get on with chatting to us again once he's home. 

Very kind of Amanda to contact you Fishy and let us all know. I'm sure she's relieved he's doing fine too.

Love to you and the missus too - hope she's continuing to do well  x 


Great news that all went well.  Now time for some proper RandR to let everything mend.



Good news  Fingers crossed for a comfortable recovery xx


star gaze lily

Morning Mike, hope you had another good nights sleep. Best wishes and hugs.

Fishy I didn't know your wife was poorly, best wishes to you both x


Good to hear about Mike, hope to 'see' you back here soon 


Great news. Best wishes to Mike, Amanda & family.

Thanks fishy

Victoria Sponge

That's great news

Can't believe Mike was thinking about the forum while still in hosp- what a top guy