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We have a large metal well cover in the garden (not covering a well now, its just decoration on gravel.  I have notice a small brown mouse picking up bits of bird food and disappearing under the well cover.  Hubby is all for getting rid of it as he is certain that we will end up with hundreds in the house, its about 4 ft from the french windows.  Im quite laid back about it.  Its small, brown with large ears including tail about 4 inches long.  What's everyones view on this.

I don't think it matters particularly what others think as such Yvies........we aren't living with them after all.

If you like mice ( you are sure it is a mouse I guess ? ), leave it be.  If not, persuade him/her to take up residence somewhere else. 

Ive got teeny timy mice living in the raised bed, not far outside the back door, they dont come in, havent had any damage either
Victoria Sponge

I'd just leave it personally. I've got mice in the garden. I think they live under everyones decking too.



It would be easy if me and my other half both agreed, the trouble is Philippa, I quite like the mouse, hubby wants rid of it.  I need proof that its unlikely that they will come in the house.  Im sure its a mouse, much too small for a rat and a much prettier face.  Those ears could never belong to a rat.


I will try to get a pic for you, but they are tiny and very fast! Have you done a search on google? I will have a look too
Victoria Sponge

You would know if it was a rat. They are large, maybe 6" without tail.

I can't say for sure they won't get in the house though. And it will be mice, not mouse I'm afraid.

When I was a kid we had a dimwitted cat called Oliver who used to catch mice and release them in the house. I had one living in my 'My Little Pony' dream castle for a while but my mother found its water bowl and flipped.


Right, googled! Looks like a wood mouse, mostly seed eaters but will eat snails and insects!
It also seems that they only use buildings if the weather is very harsh, i dont expect it would need to with a sturdy home like your well cover
Anyhow, it was on wikipedia, so you can show hubby if need be

Yvies............I don't think anyone can offer a guarantee that Mouse not might venture into your nice warm house come winter ( I know we are all clever on here but....? )

Actually, I wasn't thinking Rat so much as Field (as opposed to House ) Mouse or Vole.

However, it sounds like it is simply going to be between you and your OH..........only you know your strengths in that quarter.  Just make sure you have your arguments ready should you win and it backfires  Mouse may well be happy to keep to his/her patch........a meaningful discussion with it may not go amiss one quiet evening.  Tho heaven knows what your neighbours might think if they spot you seemingly communing with a hole in the ground


Phillipa, love it!
Apparently field and wood mouse are the same, well according to wikipedia

I promise they dont come in my house , i think id freak if they did!

I have discovered mice under the kitchen sink. Jack Russell and I were hunting them at 2.00 am last night. Will have to take EVERYTHING out and let small mutt loose in there

Victoria Sponge

I think that is one of the reasons I am somewhat ambivalent about rodents Artjak - I know I can just release the hounds (well cats) and the problem will be solved

Like I is a personal thing.....

AJak........hope Flossie enjoyed her evening


Will report back later with news from under the kitchen sink


probably a wood mouse as house mice are more grey colour and only live in buildings not elsewhere, leave it alone and it wont do any harm,

on the plus side if you have mice you don't have rats as they don't live together!



We have field mice in our attic. Well, we live in the country, so what would you expect? They (you never, ever have just one mouse) keep themselves to themselves and we only see them if we go through the loft access hatch very suddenly and without giving them due warning. They get into the spaces where the sash window ropes are and run up and down the ropes at night sometimes. We both enjoy the sound -it's sort of comforting to hear these little bodies sharing our home with us.

It would be a different matter if they tried to share my kitchen however.

They are all over the garden, along with the voles. They do a bit of thieving but I can't say I am driven to distraction by it. The cats catch and eat a fair few which keeps the population down a bit.

If you like animals in general, then I don't see why they couldn't just stay under the well cover.

Bubba Ray

 When I went camping last month we found this little fella just in the grass verge. His body was about the same size as a 50p 

Steve 309

The first one mentioned sounds like a woodmouse or long-tailed fieldmouse.  Harmless.  They do come indoors though, as I discovered towards the end of my stag night many years ago.

"Hey Steve - have you got any pets?"

"er.... no....why?"  (assuming they were winding me up)

"something just ran across the carpet"

I got a mousetrap the next day, thinking it was a house mouse but it turned out to be a long-tailed fieldmouse  Must have come in from the park across the road.

My friends have rats under their decking - they seem to live quite amicably with them.



Decking .... the perfect way to encourage rats 


We have a little woodmouse who lives behind one of the ashtrees - he sometimes comes out and gets some of the hedgehog biscuits 


The problem with mice is that apparently they don't have bladders, so they leave a trail of urine everywhere. There are also loads of mouse droppings under the kitchen sink and that is where I keep all the cleaning materials, dusters, and the cloths I use to wipe down kitchen surfaces. So the mice, whatever kind they are HAVE to go.