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star gaze lily

I have 3 Dogwood Midwinter Fire, I don't think they're very happy where they are. I wanted to know when was the best time to move them please.

Hello star gaze lily 

i would wait just a while longer......maybe another 4 weeks or so.

midwinter fire does well for some people......a few....but generally it is the most fickle of the that family of dogwoods.  I have never done too well with it.  you can't prune it as hard as the sulks, gets die back and never really thrives so Lily it may not do much better elsewhere.    


star gaze lily

Thank you very much Verdun, I knew you'd know the answer x 


I've grown it in other people's gardens, but not my own. 

I find if you cut 1/3 of the stems ( the oldest) hard each year,  it's fine. 

There was a large display in front of a local garden centre, and they used to cut them right down every year and they always came back.



I have found it fussier than other dogwoods but then again, when happy, it suckers like mad.  Doesn't usually take kindly to pruning, especially when getting established, but I got cross with one this summer and hacked it back hard and it has responded with lots of colourful new stems.   So has another in a small bed by our parking area. I half expected it to give up after a serious haircut this spring and it's come back very well.

Mine are in full sun in deep, neutral to alkaline loam - depending on the bed - over a layer of clay subsoil.   They get plenty of weather too as we're exposed to strong winds and can have very cold winters.



star gaze lily

Thank you Obelixx, ours are in a quite open spot and  when we move them, it will still be quite open, just slightly more sheilded.

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