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Hi, I must be a complete idiot, because I have managed to put a question about cosmos on three times, have no idea how I've done it, and have no idea how to remove two of them.   Please ignore two of them

Jean Genie

Haha - you've managed to post this twice as well ! Don't be worrying - I'm forever making mistakes on here. On the subject of cosmos - I've never tried with those but I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question . I believe they can self-seed but I just buy a new packet of seed every year as they are one of my favourite flowers.I like the ''seashell'' variety .

Thanks Jean Riley, I'm glad I'm not the only one making mistakes.  Several people have mentioned how nice "seashell" cosmos are, so must look out for the seed.

Jean Genie

Somewhere on this site is a post all about keeping cosmos seed - it was really good; It involved tying a ribbon or such around the cosmos you wanted to get the seed from and then wait until the seed head was dry and put  in paper envelopes. Sorry, I can't find it but that is basically the method and that works for other plants too.


That 's right, I remember reading it and intend to collect the seed to try next year.  Many thanks.

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