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I see there have been letters in the Radio Times moaning about GW, specifically its failure to cater for experienced gardeners.  I think this falls into the "you can't please all the people all the time" category but it is reminiscent of the letter writing campaign which ended up in the ousting of Toby a few years ago.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist but wonder at the apparently random timing of this letter.  Is there something afoot?

I find that with national broadcasting of Beechgrove the focus is not so intense on GW.  I often enjoy Beechgrove more but it's good to have both. My main complaint is not about content but the irritating disruption of GW (and to a lesser extent Beechgrove) by sporting events.  Surely in the era of multiple channels and red buttons something could be sorted so everyone gets to see what they want.


I started gardening when Toby was presenter, so maybe 4 years ago. I had no experience or knowledge of anything that grows in the garden. Because of Toby and Alice, I started dabbling. The first year I dug out a big grass bed, and planted potatoes. They grew! I was astonished lol

From then on, I've never missed an episode. I was disappointed when Toby and Alice went. I thought it was very unfair. Monty and Carol are growing on me, and I love how passionate Carol is (although she gets on my hubby's wick ). So many things to learn

I agree with you, canning GW for sports is a bit naff. You can tell Monty doesn't appreciate it either lol


I don't see why one of the channels can't be BBC sport, and leave the gardening programmes alone.  As an experienced gardener, I find Beechgrove a bit basic. (I still watch it.)When I was a newbie I used to watch Percy Thrower avidly.

 When Carol Klein did her "plants for free" programmes some years ago, I am sure that a lot of people learnt how to do basic propagation.  The whole series could  be repeated. With new gardeners coming along all the time, and new methods of propagation with a scientific basis, then it could even be part of the schools science package.

There is also a place for aspirational gardens, paradise gardens here and abroad.  I will never be able to achieve the jungle garden of Trebah, but I can fantasise on a cold winters night with a lottery ticket clutched in my grubby little hand.

 Even through the winter months, surely the odd programme could be shown, say new introductions by the seed companies, new varieties of plants etc, while we are clutching sheaves of garden porn (glossy catalogues promising the earth),  and salivating over new veggies and fruit for next year.  

 We can only dream......

Lavender Lady

I love GW, I do sometimes watch Beechgrove but I have to admit I have trouble understanding what they are saying (being a born and bred Londoner )

I cannot praise GW enough, yes it does repeat itself and may tell you what you already know but we had to learn somewhere.  It is so lovely to sit down and watch a programme with no shouting, swearing, police sirens etc, just an easy prog to chill out with.  I love Monte Don and I love Carol and most of all I love Nigel. 

I agree that it should not be moved for sporting events and if they move it then why can't it be fitted in later in the evening or over the weekend like the do with Corrie or the other soaps when Football is on.  We are all being encouraged to get more exercise why not promote gardening as much as cooking and buying antiques. 



Agree with all the above - its a great programme and I never miss an episode.  An hour a week, with no diversions for sport, would be perfect. 

Like Beechgrove too, and even A-Z was a welcome diversion in the winter's months (and that MUST have been cheap TV) - we need them all, and more please



I like all gardening programmes! Alan Titchmarch's ones on ITV, the ones on BBC and the odd one on SKY. My favourite programme is from the US on HGTV ( as the Americans really do know how to landscape well.


I like Beechgrove.  It's packed with interesting info without seeming rushed and crowded and I like the mix of presenters.  Some of their plants and schemes are a bit old fashioned but since Chris Beardshaw arrived this season we've had some lovely ideas and info about old and new techniques for doing things plus the whys and wherefores.

I find GW isn't challenging enough nor is it relative to the vast majority of urban and suburban gardeners and their small plots.  Monty's garden is interesting and has some gorgeous plants but is too far removed from the norm in form and content.'  I can do with less of NIgel and the arty (time wasting) strolling shots and more actual gardening too.

GW is so relaxed and laid back that I find myself falling asleep and it can take me four or five goes to watch a 30 minute programme through to the end.   Having said that, I strongly disapporve of it being pushed aside for sport or anything else.  30 minutes a week is surely not too much to ask for in a whole week's schedule.   If they absolutely must they could air it earlier in the day in place of a repeat of one of the daytime progs on its 3rd or 5th time round.  At least then we can record it and watch it when we can instead of doing without completely.

Stacey Docherty

as I have got more and more I to gardening gardners world is a must on a Friday gone are the days that time was spent applying make up and planning what shoes to wear.... I am deflated when its not on wondering what to do this week.... I ha e penstemon cuttings ( don't even really like the plant!) as monty has instructed, my wisteria was trimmed on time and my lawn scarified to within an inch of its life... The mower blades highered... Plants that carol talks about identified mysteriously growing in yet untamed recesses of my garden.....I feel like they are gently guiding me through the seasons in my garden helping me to get the best out of it.... I don't care if a football player who earns 50k a week gets an owie on his foot..... I don't like my 30 minutes of tuition and guidance being taken away by screaming " who ate all the pies"

Stacey Docherty

(Hit send in my fury!) I like to relax and be inspired, delighted and motivated. I don't even mind Nigel .... tape the football put it on 30 mins later bbc..... Please listen to your license payers I don't know what the figures are ( probably not as much as rio ferdinands salary!!) but gardening is a growing industry that generates a lot of ££££££ so please cater for it!!!!!


I love GW.

I was sad when Toby & Alice  left,but was not that keen on some of the items they had introduced like "whats hot or not"......tooo much of a gimmick,gardening only please.

An hour episode each week (without interuptions for sport) would be brilliant.There are so many cooking programmes now (which I also enjoy) it should be realised how many people are gardeners and more programmes considered.

I can,t see why GW could not be on for most of the year,after all there is always something going on /to do in the garden.

I enjoy watching GW, but i agree half hour is not long enough. Having maybe lest programmes and each an hour long will provide a programme that would cater for both amateurs and the more experienced. One project or issue could be looked at a little more in depth each week

I even dont mind it switching to another night so it doesnt get moved for anything else. But what would i relax to at the end of a hard week with a nice brew.

It seems that we are all singing from the same sheet - less sport, more gardening and a wider range too! It would be great to have  hour long episodes.


I like gardening programs also sport. Olympics’, Tennis, football but only world and European cup. I know GW is moved for the Tennis But hay come on BBC why not have a dedicated sports channel so the gardening programs don't get moved or increase the gardening programs with the views to have its own channel I’ve see some stats on the revenue on bird seed sales alone so gardening must be a multi billion industry with gardening adverts pulling in the revenue shortly it would pay for its self  

Natural history programs and nature programs are air on sky (with the likes of Sir David Attenborough and filmed by the BBC) I think it’s time the BBC started to keep up with the rest of the media  





i love them both.. GW and Beechgrove.. and i am fed up with teh lack of GW this year as cancelled for sports and tennis and so on. why cant it be shown later time or another day.. and it really shoul dbe on for an hour at least.. over the whole week it totals 1 hour with the both.. so strange for a gardening loving nation..

and before we know it it will be finishing for the winter..

Heather Michaels

all of you just echoing what i've been saying to my OH for years, please, please, please BBC its time to dedicate a channel to sport and leave the rest of the scheduling and programming alone (not sure what I think my OH is going to do about it though!). I like some sport, don't get me wrong, in particular Wimbledon, but I appreciate that some people don't so why should they have their scheduling disrupted and their programms whipped off air. And why oh why is GW not on for an hour each week, the half hour is just not long enough. Do they TV bigwigs ever really learn what people are saying and what they want to watch? Unfortunately I think not.


I am new to gardening even if something is repeated I think helps as you cannot remember  everything from a show. It helps you keep fit you stay outside even in the winter. I agree let sport have it's own channel


Lavender Lady

Good idea Break23, about the subtitles, I will certainly do that. 

Whilst flicking through the channels last night I noticed that ITV3 are repeating Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden - the first series was brill as it visited peoples gardens and I can remember a beautiful cottage garden.  This was before they changed the format to how the programme is now and I do not watch anymore.   If anyone has ON DEMAND tv then you can catch up with the whole series of Love Your Garden which is what I shall be doing now the nights are drawing in and nothing else to watch on TV. 

Sorry BBC for mentioning ITV3 on your forum 


Thank you Lavender I will have a look for it 


Woodgreen wonderboy

As a foremost gardening nation it is part of BBC's public service remit to provide ample high quality gardening programmes and advice to all gardeners, large and small, young and old and experienced or newbie. BBC bosses should no more consider the cancellation of GW than they would miss the Wimbledon final or a test match (oops they lost that one years ago).

As someone who learnt at the collective knees of Percy, Arthur, Geoff and Alan ( all old and best friends) I do find it hard to warm to MD. Dogs and background music are a distraction  and with some of the clips I often fail to see what the "learning points" were to help me be a better gardener. A programme which was once mandatory viewing in this household is sadly no longer thus. 

Come on BBC, you need a root and branch  review of your gardening coverage... a range of programmes to suit all needs from the makeover to the latest innovations and help for those who have gardened for years and "know it all" already.

At present the gardening community feels let down for a number of reasons. The solutions are in your hands... the only one for me is to switch off.

dont find much wrong with the prog its just this manure football that keeps coming up i hate it and i mean hate, Right now im allright,cupocoffeeithink,