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MOB rants

a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Oakley Witch

I understand what you mean Bunny. I kind of went off on a rant there in my own direction  

Gardening Grandma

As you say, Bunny, beliefs about class differ and I quite agree that character, not class, is what matters. To be proud of your origins and to value what you learn is a great asset in life, whatever your class. I have a 'posh' daughter in law who had a privileged upbringing from wonderful parents and she is proud of that, too. She married my 'working class educated' son and loves him to bits. Upper crust people and 'working class' people are both capable of rudeness - they tend to do it in different ways, that's all.

What really unites us on this forum is that we are gardeners and here this surmounts every other difference of class and creed. We will be kind and respectful to each other. I really appreciate the peolple I've been in contact with on this forumand have personal experience of Sam's generosity and grace. Rants are fine as long as we keep our sense of humour and mutual respect.

Bunny ...
I know you do Sam , that's why I spoke up.. knew you were being all ranty passionate nothing up with that.

There are many traits of differences even in a family OHs espeshially from one end of spectrum to other (high amusement to us of those who believe they are 'royalty' of the higher class standard ..we can move on but don't forget who you really are, it's what makes you who you are..
I'm me
Oakley Witch

I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful at all and if I have, I apologise. I used to be married to a millionaire and he was always telling me I was of a lower class than him. Used to really upset me. Hence, I'm divorced now lol. 

Oakley Witch

My laptop seems to be running very slow lol. Bunny, your a mad march hare Its a wonderful trait and never loose it.


Bunny ...
You wernt being Sam ... I knew what you meant , you've been tainted by your past , would you react the same without having been treated that way by ex ? Doubt it
Your a good heart ...and better off without the ex by sounds of it
Chin up .
Oakley Witch

 Thankyou. Yer a wee hunni bunni lol

Bunny ...
Haha except I'm a December girl really .....bunny ..long story ...a bunny lived in our garden once ...that's when I joined GW years ago, never used forum til recently .. Bunny name stuck ...not really a rabbit
Bunny ...
ya only over the wee border il forgive
Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Much younger I should think, Rosa. My father would be 104 now!

Enjoyed the story, Frank, and certainly agree with you about the dazzling good looks. Mind you, someone on another thread admired my 'gorgeous' dogs today but did not apply the same term to their owner!!! Please do not comment on this - you'd have to lie!

Fear Ye not G/G I was brought up to be a gentleman, my Father told me as a lad, there are no Birds, Bits of fluff, Bints, tarts or (here is where I am not sure what he said) was it "yours or ours", matters not, they are he said "All ladies from the youngest to the oldest, treat them as such and you will never go wrong" dad knew best.
In our village living just off the Green with Doctors Lawyers and such we were classed as Trade, dad had his own Haulage and removal business he moved a lot of people in his time and the best payers were the working class, the supposedly middle class paid in goods more often than not. My first Piano, Accordion and several other instruments came this way.
Saying that we discovered my Father like his father and grandfather was a pianist, even my Mother had not known it and so I was taught by Miss Cook with her foot long pencil with which she could make my knuckles bleed, she did not kill my love of playing I still do play but always loved the accordion best.
So G/G being able to serenade a girl, be a complete Gentleman and Dance I did have a bit of a head start down in Bridgend and there is no way I would comment on your picture, "err" nice dogs though.


Bunny ...

We have friends in Stirling , closer to,Gretna than Carlisle (in the forests)
Oakley Witch

Ahh Bunny, I pass down that way quite a lot. My next trip is mid May, on the way to the Isle of Man ( ritually done every year) I have some great friends down there too. Its a lovely part of the world. I'm at my happiest out in the woods. (I mean in the heart of nature) 

Frank, that just sounds painful, A foot long pencil? owww 

Gardening Grandma

You weren't offensive, Sam, and this is the place for rants. I think I should stop posting when I am tired.


I HATE it when people assume you are of a lower social level than they are because of your accent. I still have a slight accent even after moving away from home when I was 18 (so been away longer than I was there now). I mix in several social circles, some of my closest friends are well to do and some arent. I can honestly say that being upper class or even middle class doesnt make you a better person, you make the person you are and social class, money, upbringing, breeding and stock means nothing in my eyes. 


Gardening Grandma

Here's a rant.

Class doesn't make you a better person, but it makes a difference to the privileges and oppportunities you get - and allows you to be rude to people of a different perceived class! I've seen very posh people being icily and very politely rude to someone who is not 'one of us' and I've seen and probably practiced inverted snobbery against those who appeared to condescend to me. Human pride has many expressions!

Obviously, it is what a person is that counts, but many of us will have experienced snobbery and exclusion from others on the basis of class, which actually no--one can choose and nobody earns. Even those who appear to change class through education or achievement only end up wondering which class they belong to and feeling a bit anchorless.

Pride being what it is, class will not be eradicated, though it may be changed. In America, they have supposedly abolished the old class system, but they have one, based on money and achievement, a meritocracy. Communist countries tried to abolish class distinctions by asserting that only the working classes mattered, but they soon got class distinctions again based on sheer power - and the bottom class was always the religious.

Class isn't really the problem. The problem is human pursuit of the great gods money, status, sex and power.

So there!

Oakley Witch
Here here dave. When I left my husband...I left with a rucksack of clothes and two cats. Left everything else behind. Money means nothing to me. The more you have, the bigger the problems. If I have enough for the bills etc and as long as I have enough to put in the tank for a ride...Im happy I, as have we all, lost many important people in my life. My moto is 'Live for today, F@#* tomorrow' Sorry for the language. I remember watching a cartoon with my nephew and it said "yesterday is history, tomorrows a mystery, todays a gift" I love it and it reminds me that we all came in with nothing and you leave with the same. Enjoy what you have and of when you can, love whenever is possible, help when you can and have fun
Spring is here, the earth is wakening up and lifes what you make it.

not bad language at all, at the end of the day, we are all born naked, we all fart, pee and poo and we all die but consider that we all all made of stars and we have all drank some dinosaur urine.


I have got to the age where I don't really care what people think of me. I am polite, well mannered and I think kind to others. If people don't like me that's their problem. I have friends from all walks of life, colour and creed..

I was born towards the end of the war, in a very " working class " area, but that was a long time ago, and I am a completely different person to how I was when I was younger. Life's pleasures and knocks colour how you turn out.

I'm with Sam, live for now, today is the most important day of your life, enjoy it.

I'm just thankful I'm still here.

Oakley Witch made me roar there lol. Your right hehe her my dear. I am always in torn jeans, muddy boots and an old hoodie or jumper or my leathers. When people say Im a scruff, I just say well...not my problem. Im happy with me. If people dont like it then thats their problem and if they have the time to worry then they arent living Im sure you have many many more years left in you to smile and make someones day.
Mum folks always say...treat others as you would like to be treated. Its that simple.