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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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My biggest eyeopener as to how people perceive you was when I became a 'Saturday' girl, at the ripe old age of 42, (many years ago) in a bag and accessory shop.  I immediately became one of the 'unwashed' and many customers obviously saw me as a surf.  Rude, patronising and thought me brainless.  At first I was upset, but that soon wore off and I then began to see the funny side of it.  It was their problem, not mine. 

Oakley Witch
Exactly TT. Narrow minded and people judge before the think sometimes.
Oakley Witch made me roar there lol. Your right hehe her my dear. I am always in torn jeans, muddy boots and an old hoodie or jumper or my leathers. When people say Im a scruff, I just say well...not my problem. Im happy with me. If people dont like it then thats their problem and if they have the time to worry then they arent living Im sure you have many many more years left in you to smile and make someones day.
Mum folks always say...treat others as you would like to be treated. Its that simple.

Sam the foot long pencil was my Fathers fault, he would search through the local sheet music shop (what happened to them) and come back with the music for songs from the shows or films and say "half a crown when you satisfy me you can play it". Half a crown to a young school lad was big money so my practice went out of the window hence the kerfuffle with miss Cook, I would get through my practice piece, she knew I could do better, If she had heard me play "Alice blue gown" "Tales from the Vienna Woods" or "Smoke gets in your eye's" she would have smiled then belted me for playing the wrong stuff.
It was a time when the village turned out after church on Summer Sunday nights and walked the High Street meeting and greeting. One Sunday night I was in the front room with the window open playing supposedly my practice although it sounded very much like the Blue Danube. A knock on the door and Miss Cook standing there asking who was playing, proud mum of course shopped me, Miss Cook walked in told me off well and truly and made me practice for the exam I had to take, I passed with flying colours. There was no escape.
I can still play those tunes plus all the Glen Millar stuff I went mad on mixed up with classical music and also one of those maddening people who can pick a tune out of the air, "do you know the piano is on my foot" "you whistle it I will play it".


I have a new rant.

I walked the dog this morning and in the middle of the pavement was a big pile of rubbish - not even a bin bag for it to have spiled out of, just a pile of rubbish. I think its from some one moving house?? its on a busy bit of pavement opposite a school. I drove past it a couple of days ago - so plenty of people have walked past it.

I took the dog home grabbed a bin bag and filled the bag! grrr its a new estate and so many peopl have tried so hard to make it a nice place, community garden the lot. Why do people dump there crop and why don't people pick up rubbish any more!!



On that note, I have a rant;

I hate, loath & detest when people out walking their dogs and they crap right at the end of mine or my neighbours front garden path. I swear the next time if I see them I will pick it up and follow them home and smear it all over their front windows and do one of my own on their front doorstep or post it through their letterbox. 


Both me and my OH hate litter louts, as you say Sinevegas, why do they drop things all over the place. We can home from Newark through an area known as Stapleford Wood on Thursday. Lovely trees, Rhododendrons, pathways, and a lovely place for a walk, with or without a dog,  and low and behold in the car park was a bright red settee abandoned by some thoughtless yobs. It must have been further to take it there than the local tip. maybe the tip was closed when they needed to get rid of it. The council provide good facilities in this area for getting rid of unwanted items, so why no use them.

WHY, What do these people have in their heads, it certainly isn't brains. They have no pride in anything.

I taught my children to put any rubbish in their pockets, until they got home, not to drop it on the floor.

It certainly is a throwaway society.


Pennine Petal
Me too Chris, can't stand litter wherever, but particularly hate bags of litter dropped from cars in country areas. Why can't they take it home with them? Also dropping cellophane from cigarette packets as desperate smokers come out of shops. Grrrrrr!

Yes, and what about the car owners who park outside my house, either to walk to the station or collect their kids from the school just round the corner who decide to clean their ashtrays out and throw rubbish in the kerb! Empty cans and bottles from late night revellers chucked in the garden because they are to b....y lazy to carry same home with them!


I was gently amused at whomsover said they she became a serf as soon as she begain to work in a shop  -  our local B&Q has the most delightful weekend lady, who always makes sure I know of any good plant or garden bargains  - I have  heard people be snooty about her, on the grounds that anyone who works behind the till cannot have much about them (their words not mine I hasten to add!),  she has two Masters degrees,  and is working on her third, has more education than most of her ustomers put together I imagine (me included), and never says a word to them about their silliness.  We have a good laught about it sometimes, just shows that what you see is rarely what you get huh? 


Should have checked my spelling Bookertoo!  

Yes, once I got over the initial shock, I found it amusing, especially as I had held a prestigous position prior to having my kids and to which I returned when youngest was 10.  My 'Saturday' job was just a little away-day from motherhood. 


Hi all, just spent the last hour going through the various questions and rants, my one of the day is also about Dog Crap as you probably know I live in Clogher head in the county of Louth just across from the isle of Man, today I decided to take a leisurely walk along the beach towards the village of Termonfeckin some 5 miles distance the amount of s--t on the strand was unbelievable I even observed one owner wait for its dog to do its business and then just walk away , I said I think you left something behind you ,you should have seen her face I don't have a bag she said ,here have one of mine  I would normally be be walking the wifes dogs but day I had a reprieve ,



good on you derek,i would have liked to have seen her face.


Well done Derek. I often feel like tackling litter louts, and have done in the past, but people today are so aggressive, it really makes you think twice. That's another gripe, rudeness. Please and thank you don't exist in some people vocabulary - and bad language.  Well I could go on and on. There seems to be no end to my ranting at the moment must be tired, it's been a long day.



well done derek. I dread my OH seeing some one and telling the what he thinks.

Still on rubbish, sort of, when it was windy earlier in the year our recycling bins were blown over. I spent a while collecting my crop all down the road. my neigbour was leaving for work early in the moring when i was ptting the recycling bin out. his bin was on its side in his front garden. He stepped over it!  he actually stepped over it and got in his car. did he tink the bin men were there to sort it or is wife woul dbe out or what? any pride in the house youve bought for your family? no?!


A local supermarket is next to a senior school, the kids go over get a pie and drink then sit on the flower beds eating and throwing rubbish around almost next to a litter bin. One of the trolley collectors, once a manager who does the job to get out and meet people remonstrated with them as I walked to my car, they turned on him being quite aggressive, they had not seen the bin wagon parked at the back of the car park. Seconds later three very large bin men were standing beside them and they rapidly cleaned the area one of them a bit mouthy getting a clip that funnily no one saw. It was reported to the school and they now get their pie and go back to the school field, that looks like the local tip.
My grandsons school is very hot on litter and it shows, the fields are spotless and they pick up automatically, early training by parents and school does the trick.



Very well done some people young and old think if did throw litter on the streets that people would be out of work ,fair play to the bin man .


Gardening Grandma

Don't you just lurve kids? And I spent my life with the darlings! They gave me the best and worst moments of my life! Amazingly, I rather  miss them now...Not that much, though - I still give thanks every morning for my freedom.



Me too GG!


Talk about people leaving rubbish about hows this,, when we were in Cornwall we went for a drive to the seal sanctuary and on the way i took the coastal route which in parts gets along side the very end of beautiful water inlets and there in one was a 30 foot old cruiser  having seen much better days and resting on its but on the thick mud, access to the craft was on a scaffold board to where the fishermen sat in style fishing!!   on a huge old leather green settee, how they got it onto the craft i don't know but they had and it looked so funny people were stopping to photo it ,now that's recycling at its best so this time im not moaning

Alan 4711