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Rose I am allergic to cats so it bothers me not, saying that as I went out today a ginger cat was sitting on the wall as I opened the gates, as I stepped back it had leaped onto the bin and managed to rub against me before I could react. Luckily it did not touch skin or else I would have been back in the house laying down with a wet towel over my eye's. Yes it is that bad.
G/G Those catalogues are there to ring your money out of you none of them care once the plants are on the way. They do not tell you to leave your order for the North at least two weeks later. A shady corner or greenhouse, some seed and patience and you can have a long lasting show not here today gone tomorrow and then nothing. I sow in periods of a couple of weeks, that way you can put fresh plants into the spaces left by those gone over.


Highland Jeannie

I was going to have a rant - my first I believe, but now it's 2!!

I typed it up, tried to put the cursor (which often disappears on this board) at the beginning of a line & my message vanished into thin air . Not for the first time either!!  Hmphh.

Now the proper one.

Why are T-shirts/tops being made so long & thin at the moment??

I think I'm fairly average; 5'4",  size 10/12 & pear-shaped.

If the top fits then the bottom stretches tightly over the hips & tum; if the bottom gently skims the hips then I need a boob job for the top to fit!!

It's not so bad with trousers, but I wear a skirt for my dancing classes, for coolness, & a long tight top looks dreadful.  I'm digging out all my old T-shirts (never throw away anything ) as they are much shorter.  I have some with gathers round the neck, which givess extra material round the bottom - simples!!

Oh well, back to M&S next week for another refund.


O bother, when next in England (April) Iwas hoping to get some sensible length T-shirts in M&S. In France they've gone long and thin which outlines my tummy and, having had 4 children, I would rather they didn't. I have to get jeans in M&S as the French ones are all hipsters which slide off when I walk.

Highland Jeannie

Thankfully the hipster phase seems to have passed  now  or I'd be wanting braces!

Gardening Grandma

Being a tallish, largeish person I like long t-shirts!I l like things that cover the bum! I'm in full sympathy with people who never throw anything away, though.

Highland Jeannie, I so agree with you about the cursor on this site. Sometimes it disappears, sometimes it leaps unaccountably to another place so that you suddenly find you are typing in the middle of the previous sentence. Can be maddening!

With regard to plant catalogues, I've seen lots of complaints in recent posts, especially about T and M. Perhaps we should all write to them and tell them what we think. It is in their interests to respond to suggestions and complaints, after all. Incindentally, I've just heard from T and M that the ffree climbing rose offered in January is not available and will be sent later. I wonder if this means next year, since it is bare root.




Good morning fellow ranters, I always thought that Women had no problem in getting clothes to fit what ever their shape Men on the other hand once you have a bit of a gut the polo shirts show off your belly button after its had just two washes and shirts they used to come with tails so as you could tuck them into your jeans and not show your bum when you bend over to do some thing ,they are now cut  square on that they are two inch's below the waist line as regards the cursor disappearing the spell checker I think needs some work, for instance if you are writing a long Rant if you check your spelling half way through and then at the end of your script it will sometimes contradict itself on the words it subjects .



I'm all for the long vest/t shirt, it stops the howling draft on my lower back when I'm gardening


I don't think it's so much the length of the T-shirt - it's the width once it gets to tummy and bottom, doesn't allow for the gentle curves of the female derriere!


I have trouble in reverse. To get things to fit at the top, they frill out at the bottom, so it looks as if I'm wearing a tent. Oh for the perfect figure.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Changing topic...bought some Roseclear3 to spray roses. Shock horror. Price seems similar to last year but product is half the strength and only makes 10L instead of 20L last year. Such a price hike is unacceptable and dishonest too. What can the reason be? Should they be more open as to why this has happened? Will anyone ever spray a rose again? Is it the end of the English Garden as we know it?

Highland Jeannie
artjak wrote (see)

I'm all for the long vest/t shirt, it stops the howling draft on my lower back when I'm gardening

Ahh, yes I wear old long ones to garden, it's the smart situation that's my problem!

artjak wrote (see)

I'm all for the long vest/t shirt, it stops the howling draft on my lower back when I'm gardening


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

 gentle curves of the female derriere!

Beautifully put, Busy Lizzie. How delicate!

Highland Jeannie

How did I do Artjak x2??  What a dimbo!!! (Me, that is )

Gardening Grandma

Wonderboy, I quite agree- that is unacceptable, perhaps a job for trading standards. I like your OTT ending, too, a bit of humour helps a lot.

Still on t shirts and the female shape, I go for baggy and buy a size bigger to get the room I want for my various undulations.



I recycle old t shirts etc for cleaning rags.Oh, and old socks too - they're ace for cleaning banisters. And I love Chica's tip:

why oh why do they put bananas in a plastic bag,i take the bag off at the checkout and say you can have this as i dont need it.if looks could kill.

Very tempted to try that. I'm lucky enough to live in a small town/large village which has a proper butcher (and yes I go in there to choose the meat and get them to mince it), a proper greengrocer (and I take my carry all bag there) as well as a small farmer's market 3 days a week where I can get veg with mud if I wish! There's also a fantastic fish deli ( ) and a regular deli. The farmer's market is held at the local seed merchants/country store ( ) which also sells compost, general gardening stuff and plants from a nearby nursery ( ).  Oh, and we have a proper old fashioned ironmonger's as well...


All within easy walking distance, except for the nursery. I feel very lucky to be able to lead a quiet old fashioned sort of life.

But as I know this thread's about general moans, mine has to be about the gloomy weather. 

Gardening Grandma

That's an enviable lifestyle, figrat. However, I think most people want one stop shopping and go to a supermarket and then take prepackaged fruit and veg becaue it is quicker. I could shop in small shops too, but I can't park free to go to them, or have to walk further with the bags.



Ooh, my OH would give his eye teeth for an old-fashioned ironmonger, they usually have some great things that newfangled DIY stores don't.


Highland Jennie, if it is worth saying once, it is worth saying twice

This thing about packaging; in a supermarket, the cheapest produce is often the un-packaged, but you have to put it in a plastic bag for the checkout; why can't they use brown paper bags as they still do in a lot of street markets (and you can bet those barrow boys have chosen the cheapest option!) Or, because the till personnel need to see the contents, why don't they use cellulose bags, which are very biodegradable. and can be manufactured from easily repeatable crops, not just trees. Though I have to add a rider; I am no scientist and may be innacurate in the details above.


Artjak I live in an area where we have fishmonger, butcher or 2, greengrocers (mainly local produce), hardware shop, cheese shop and a great atmosphere. have to travel for GC/nursery.

I also love it and of course everthing is in small bags not loads of packaging. 

There are supermarkets nearby but not the same 

Gardening Grandma

I found an online report from the environment agency online. Here's an extract. (Skip it and read the end).

 ' The environmental impact of all types of carrier bag is dominated by resource use and production stages. Transport, secondary packaging and end-of-life management generally have a minimal influence on their performance. Whatever type of bag is used, the key to reducing the impacts is to reuse it as many times as possible and where reuse for shopping is not practicable, other reuse, e.g. to replace bin liners, is beneficial.The reuse of conventional HDPE and other lightweight carrier bags for shopping and/or as bin-liners is pivotal to their environmental performance and reuse as bin liners produces greater benefits than recycling bags.Starch-polyester blend bags have a higher global warming potential and abiotic depletion than conventional polymer bags, due both to the increased weight of material in a bag and higher material production impacts.The paper, LDPE, non-woven PP and cotton bags should be reused at least 3, 4, 11 and 131 times respectively to ensure that they have lower global warming potential than conventional HDPE carrier bags that are not reused. T. Recycling or composting generally produce only a small reduction in global warming potential and abiotic depletion.'

So, according to the government, it is production, not disposal, of plastic bags that causes pollution and paper bags are no better unless they are used 3 times. Most importantly, recycling makes little difference to global warming! 

So what is the recycling initiative about?



Hi GG, while I am not educated enough to be able refute the claims made by your Government Dept' . I used to see a lot of wind blown plastic bags pollute my country side , since my government brought in a plastic bag levy this type of pollution has been greatly reduced ,  I will ask do you pay for your plastic bags that you get in your local supermarket at the point of sale if you don't then try Ireland , for instance I do a weekly shop in Aldi I will get a shopping trolley and fill it with groceries pay for them and fill the boot of my car  my neighbours on the other hand will go to there favourite supermarket and unload there shopping into plastic bags at a cost of € 0.80 each ( rich people ) . Until every shopper asks there store owners to use paper bags for food or clothing , plastic bags will still be a blot on all of our Country's lands and yours.If only a hand full of people per week every week learn to recycle  eventually it just might catch on .



Forgive me if I sound condescending