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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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flowering rose

small rant coming forth,I was walking the dogs through a wooded valley with a stream running along side leading to an open area of open grass leading to the river.This is a place of wild life and beauty spoilt by dirty humans dumping litter,beds,chairs,litter of all sorts,plastics,bikes etc,detritus of humans worse than anything an animal could do.This was a place some 30 years ago was were you could walk with out seeing litter every inch of the way.The people who live here dump things over their fences (including plastic windows)yet they have a lovely out look that they and others just don't care about grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Lazy Gardener, aggression was a part of my life for many years and now I like an easy none aggressive life, that does not mean I lay down and let people walk over me. You work for a company that by its nature is aggressive in all it does and they are not there to hand out posies.
My comments are about all such firms and by these pages I am not the only one who thinks that way, the Staff working for them are as a rule patient and pleasant to deal with, I have seen some of the customers who think the of Staff as underlings to do their bidding and that is not me. If they wish to chat I do if not I pack and vanish although it does not often happen in any of the big markets.
You had two direct bats at me now I end it, I am sorry if I upset you but it is easy to click off my posts if you so wish I will answer queries if needed but when it gets personal then there will be no further defending myself where I see no need.

Back to Gardening Frank.

Pennine Petal
Sue, Mercury is retrograde (or something like that) apparently it causes all sorts of problems!!!!

Frank, my sister used to work in the Maypole ..... Did you have a Kardomah or Macfisheries? Or Woolworths selling food? British Home Stores too - excellent apple turnovers II seem to remember.

Pennine Petal, Stockton was a real Market Town in those day and we had  BHS but they took over one of our large stores some time in the late 60's. Mac fisheries would arrive in a van from hull with a freezer order although with Hartlepool and Redcar plus of course Whitby we had plenty of fresh fish shops. With Joan at the School and me working we had a chest freezer often with half of something in it plus a kitchen freezer and fridge.
Maypole had several shops and they had high standards so we would go there, the dairy products were the best.
Did you know that after Marks and Spencer opened the first shop in Leeds the second was in Stockton, Woolworth's to me as a child was a wonderland, you could get everything.
Stockton at the time was dare I say it, the Metro Centre of South Durham before out of town was invented, bus loads came in from the pit area's on Wednesdays and Saturdays, we had a cattle market in town so the pubs opened all day bar one hour in the afternoon, the miners took advantage of that.
Stockton races were a Northern event and the town had a gala when they were on, now the local out of town shopping centre which has left the town centre with not too many shops or stalls on the ghost of market day as I call it.
"Well it is called progress" better or worse it is here to stay.


Gardening Grandma

This is the rants thread. Unreasonable and OTT rants are allowed as long as everyone has a sense of humour about it.Frank does ont have fans here - he has friends.

Flowering Rose, we live near some glorious scenery where people dump rubbish because it is cheaper than getting a skip and easier than going to the dump. It  is disgusting to look at. Another real problem - children set the mountainsides on fire and it is quite a common sight to see the entire side of a beautiful hillside ablaze. i remember my cousins doing this when I was a kid, but then they'd have their bit of amusement and then put out the fire. Now, they let it burn. Houses can be endangerd and the emergency services have to get involved.

Frank, my husband grew up in a village as one of six kids. They wore trousers with patches on the patches and cardboard in the soles of their shoes, but they had the kind of childhood you describe and look back on it as a happy and secure time. I grew up in a small town in slightly more prosperous circumstances (an indoor bathroom and even a car, because my Dad was a commercial traveller) but I'd be sent to lie to the milkman and tell him my mother was out when he came for the money. Those were different times. We are much more prosperous today but not necessarily happier. I'm not knocking wealth though - its much nicer not to have to worry about where you will get the money to survive and pay bills. I'm just aware that you can't have everything and something has been lost as well as gained. In a mobile society, people can be lost and friendless. Bad people can move around and hide their activities. If someone was a bit suspect in those days, when most people stayed where they were born, people knew who he or she was and kept an eye on their activities.  I remember some characters, like 'Mrs Yellow', who always wore yellow and laid into anyone else she saw on the streets wearing her colour. No-one really minded, because they knew her and her idiosyncrasies. They just didn't wear yellow!




Gardening Grandma

Can I just say, with regard to disharmony, that it is a two-way street. We all have faults and we are all irritating  - sometimes. We just have to be kind to one another. Let's renew our sense of humour. I love the fact that this forum allows us to have chatty threads as well as direct gardening discussions. Let's not spoil it. 

I love a joke and a bit of fun with some serious intent there, too. It is hard to have a laugh when you are on your guard for criticism all the time. I say daft things sometimes. Others say daft things sometimes. I'm boring sometimes. Others may be boring occasionally. That's Ok, too. Let's just enjoy each other.



Dear G/G please explain, is this in the biblical sense or the Cannibal sense or any other.
Explanation in no more than 100 words please on my desk by lunch time.


Lets just enjoy each other ????

Dear G/G please explain, is this in the biblical sense or the Cannibal sense or any other.
Explanation in no more than 100 words please on my desk by lunch time.

What it should have said before I had the best of three falls with the board.


Hi every one ,My Father was one 9 children brought up in sight of Christ Church in Dublin in the 1920's  they shared a Georgian town house with 10 other families the toilet was out the back , In 1930 they moved to the outskirts of the city 3 miles and the house had two bedrooms electric light and indoor pluming ,when I came along my Father had returned from working in England and Married my mother she lived in a similar house across the road  ,when I was 16 we moved to the north side of the City his argument was that it was nearer to his work place he worked for Goulding they made Fertilizers for export,any way years later when I got Married I had five children we lived in a house with 3 bathrooms , the point of my story is that as my children grew up I would tell them that there is two rules in life .

1/ always taste your soup before you add salt .

2/ Before you close the door of the bathroom make ther's toilet roll .

this morning I got phone call "Da can you bring me some loo paper"

have I failed



Taking about rubbish tipping, the verges of our country road is always littered with cans, bottles etc,  thrown out of cars, from mopeds, bikes etc. Farmers who have fields bordering the roads have put up large signs says "Rubbish kills animals" with pictures of cows writhing on their backs! But it doesn't seem to do a blind bit of good, the rubbish still keeps coming, I don't know why people can't take their empties back home with them, after all, they managed to carry the full ones! The kids even stuff things into our hedge which borders the footpath, Grrrrr!

Derek, you brought up children who know they can rely on you to do things for them, that is not failure, you may have been remiss in not telling them they would need to do the mundane things in life themselves.
Probably with us being a military family the children grew up very independent but still fully integrated in the clan. They all want to do things for me as I get older, the whole house decoration this time last year when they had moved me out to put in a new bathroom was down to full co-operation from them all together, done and dusted in a week whilst I sat in Daughters garden sunning myself. (yes we did have some sun last year).
Failure is the total breakdown of family, you see it on the news mainly because they never tell you about the high percentage who are normal, not to worry Derek you get a 8 out of 10, try harder.


Sue, it is everywhere and I do not see any logic in it . I walk from my house onto fields with a beck and hedgerows at the bottom. I watched the workmen clear two truck loads of rubbish from along the beck then clear the undergrowth, it looked pristine. Two days later some one had dumped a complete kitchen down there plus all the packing off the new one. Our Council will send a truck and pick up your spare rubbish on payment of £10, it must have killed them getting that rubbish down to the beck to save just £10, I phoned it in and hoped they could find the culprit by the packaging there would be some clues surely.


in my local community there is a group of people who get together and organise a clean up every other week ,the village is on the tourist map and every time the sun shines or there is bank holiday people flock here the amount of rubbish discarded in hedge rows and on the beach is staggering we can collect up to 20 refuse bags, last year we won the cleanest small village award , less that 3000 Th's people live here. the County Council don't have the money or it seem's the inclination to clean up, so it's left to volunteers .


Gardening Grandma

Hi Brumbull. great to hear from you. You are one of the good guys!

Everyone else - MOBs forever! Frank, you post made me laugh. I meant - of course - enjoy each other's friendship, wisdom and even eccentricities. The rest had not occurred to me! 


Gardening Grandma

Well, thank you, Brumbull. I wish I were half as good a gardener as you.


Let's all just moan about politicians, idiot litter bugs, snow, and all the problems, animal,vegetable and mineral that we will encounter in the garden in the coming months.

Yesterday my wife had a few tears in her eyes seeing the North Atlantic veterans finally getting their medals for the Arctic Convoys - her Dad served in a cruiser, HMS Bellona up there, off Malta, and D-Day. Those people, and everyone else who served, truly had something to moan about, but they carried on.

My Mum and Dad were buried for two days under their bombed house in Devonport, Plymouth and lost their six-month old daughter. Their collective experiences have guided my outlook on life, and whilst I enjoy many a good moan, I try and keep things in perspective. I'm sure Frank with his colourful life, and many more of you with many and varied stories no doubt feel similarly.

No more maudlin, let me go away and think of another really good rant - shouldn't be difficult!
Gardening Grandma

You are right, dmball. That sort of thing puts all our moans and groans in perspective. 

However, a really good rant, as you nicely put it, is cathartic and can be a lot of fun.

Gardening Grandma

Fortunately for me, my OH just loves going to the tip with the rubbish. He seems to regard it as an adventure and comes back and tells me all about what the other people were dumping, how long he had to queue and what the men working there said. It is his bit of excitement, poor old thing!

Charging to colllect rubbish is counterproductive, it seems to me, because it will increase illegal tipping and the council will then have to spend money clearing up what they should have taken away free of extra charge in the first place.

Luckily all my garden refuse goes on the garden or allotment compost heaps, so I don't need to use the Council garbage bin - perhaps I should grow spuds in it!
Not ranting for once, as that compost went to very good use - had my first bowl this year of rhubarb and custard - sweet and tender!
Gardening Grandma

Lovely, dmball! We don't use the council recycling bins, either, because everything goes to the tip in bags and into the recycling there - except the compostable things. I don't attempt to compost larger stuff like thicker shrub prunings, though - they take too long to break down. They are handy for gardening tasks like collecting up composting materials.