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Another different rant. There's an item on Yahoo on different things for which you can receive on-the-spot fines from local authorities - includes someone who was allegedly fined when a ten-pound note fell out of their pocket and then accused of dropping litter - despite this obviously not being the intent!

No doubt some fines are well deserved, but if I had been the person dropping that tenner, I would love to know what the Council jobsworth ( holding out his hand for the payment ) would do when, rather rudely, I would tell him where to go? Would it be blue flashing lights everywhere? I cannot believe anybody in their right mind would pay some of these demands. Have we finally become a nation of sheep?
For Heavens sake, let's stand up to these idiot councils.
The potty gardener

Sorry I haven't had time to read all posts so someone has probably complained before- I hate not getting notification when someone responds to a thread I am following!!!!


None of us are, Bev!

Gardening Grandma

Here's another rant linked with illicit fines.

About a year ago I went to the weekly discussion group I did with international students. I could find nwhere to park so I parked in the local Lidl, where there is free parking for 2 hours. I got back after 2 hours ans 6 minute and drove away. A few days later, OH had a letter fining him £60 for the 6 minutes - I was using his car. I wrote a letter explaining what I had been oding and asking for leniency, but thought I'd check on whether the fine was legitimate. On the Martin Lewis website 'Money Saving Expert' I discovered that the private firm employed by Lidl had no legal right to impose fines, since it was not the police. The site advised simply ignoring the letter and said that I would receive more demands and then phone calls, but if I ignored them all the demands would eventually cease. Sure enough, the demands got more and more insistent and fines were imposed on fines because I had not paid. Then the phone calls began, but the caller always asked for my husband and as it happened, he was always out. The fine was reduced tby stages to the original £60 again. Still we did not reply or pay. It is now some months since we heard anything and we have never paid, though we were threatened with debt collectors and court.

I thought it worth pointing out that these firms have no right to impose fines and that the most they can do is make a reasonable charge for the extra time that the car occupied the space. 


GG you did a great job. It's bullying- pure and simple- a way of screwing decent people who are out working hard for their money. Don't get me started on them!! On a mlider level - teenagers who leave their hair caught in the little 'tea strainer' in the bath plughole-  is it even worse when they take it out  then leave it on the EDGE of the bath! GRRRRRR!



Quite agree fairygirl it's hard enough being folically challanged without it being waved in your face like that.  Kids and thier full heads of hair not even any gray in it.... grumble grumble 


I was in a GC recently...waiting in a queue to pay for some horticultural grit as it happens. The lady in front of me was buying six small herb plants to make up a nice pot....lovely healthy little plants they were. As she put them on the counter she noticed that the sage plant was, quite correctly, labelled as Salvia officionalis. The lady said 'But I wanted a sage, not a salvia'....the woman serving called the manager over and all three agreed that the salvia wasn't what she needed...the manager went out to look for a sage plant, returning to say that 'There aren't any...just the salvias'.




I did politely but in and say...'Excuse me...that is a sage plant' but just got a dirty look from all three....I didn't go back there.



Oh, don't get me started.  Coats hung on back of dining room chairs, 3 pairs of shoes in hallway, bath mat never picked up, cap off toothpaste, shampoo, etc, not returned to basket, clothes never hung up, dirty washing all over the floor, dirty utensils, straighteners and hairdryer left out.  The list goes on.  But he's only 33 so plenty of time to change


Cheerypeabrain (love the name), that is so embarrassing isn't it.  I am a bit wary of offering  help now.  Did more or less the same in Boots one day as the assistant was not giving a customer her full options re seeing a doctor.  We now have an 24 Urgent Care Centre where anyone can go but she did not mention it.  I politely did and if looks could kill, I wouldn't be typing this today.  The customer looked at me as if I was barking mad too.  Oh well, you can't win 'em all.


Hi Tina , I suggested to my Daughters that I would like to screw a couple of "Cup hooks " into

their bedroom floor so as they could hang their clothes on them  all three turned with that look

that only women can give . OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well Derek, at least you only get a look!  I usually get more than that not, I would add, that he gets away with it.  Tells me I should stop treating him like a child - answer - will do when you stop acting like one.  We get on very well really. My daughter, long flown the nest, was a treasure. Room immaculate and when she wasn't working and I was, house immaculate.  Only problem was I could never find anything. 

TinaTurner wrote (see)

Well Derek, at least you only get a look!  I usually get more than that not, I would add, that he gets away with it.  Tells me I should stop treating him like a child - answer - will do when you stop acting like one.  We get on very well really. My daughter, long flown the nest, was a treasure. Room immaculate and when she wasn't working and I was, house immaculate.  Only problem was I could never find anything. 

Made me laugh Tina! Kids eh- can't live WITH them - can't that's it! They're all lovely when they're asleep! Derek, kids very hairy in this house - I'm going through an awful lot of razor blades -and I have girls!!  There away to their dad now hurray!

Gardening Grandma

What really amazed me was that, when my son was living at home, his room was an absolute tip and I had to climb over mess in order to get to his bed to make it. Then he went to uni and had a place of his own. Astonishingly, it was immaculate. He even did his own ironing!

He flew the nest long ago, as children do, but one is usually permanently lumbered with an OH. What I want to know is how one man can splash so much soap around in the bathroom, get toothpaste all over the towel and make liquid soap solidify on the shower door, ruck the shower mat with his feet and get mud and ointment all over the towel, without apparently even noticing! He emerges gleamingly clean and buffed up but the bathroom is a disaster area. And guess who is appointed to clean it all up...

hollie hock

Quick moan, just been told by the council that later this year we are no longer to allowed to put black bags out for the rubbish. We will have to use clear bags provided by the council  and only be able to put out 2 a fortnight. Those that want to get their garden waste collected will have to register and pay for that service.


Yep - we are allowed one bag a week for waste, pay for garden waste collection - once a fortnight, and re-cycling is collected in a pink plastic bag, once a week so no bottles etc.

In April they have decided we will have a wheelie bin for re-cycling - once a fortnight and it will take glass bottles but what we recycle will change.

At moment shredded paper is classed as general rubbish and is not recyclable!

Put some in compost but I couls fill a dalek with it sometimes


Why are councils expecting additional payments for collecting rubbish ( be it re-cyclable or not) - council tax should cover all services! What next - additional payments to cut your grass and sweep the road outside your property?
Gardening Grandma

Councils are under immense financial pressure because of government policy and the general recession and are looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenue a bit. As has been said recently on another thread, this kind of short-sighted policy increases illegal dumping and adds extra costs because the council then has to pay for for clearing the rubbish and for trying to catch and prosecute those guilty of illegal dumping.

Whilst I agree totally with your response GG, does it not annoy you that Councils like mine are boasting about no increase in this years council tax, and yet then they come up with these add-on taxes. Why not be honest and upfront and admit that they need to increase council tax to cover rubbish collection and any other service that has gone up in cost. I think the other thread probably noted that it would be cheaper for the councils, in the long run, to offer free collection of large items and things like mattresses, rather than charge and unfortunately, encourage idiots to dump their unwanted items, usually in the prettiest corners of our countryside.

To deviate slightly, how much better for all of us if manufacturers stopped using so much unnecessary packaging - sometimes the unrecyclable rubbish in my bin is more than half the contents.

Must stop moaning now or I'll go to bed and have nightmares of council jobsworths checking MY bins!
Gardening Grandma

Yes, its way past my bedtime and I've been dozing over my laptop.

I agree with all you say, dmb. I suppose nice packaging makes a thing more atractive to buy and so increases the price manufactureres can  charge.

Gardening Grandma

Good morning, MOBs. We are certainly getting a multiplicity of threads on the same topics now. I guess it is a good thing, since more than one exchange of ideas is involved and most are interesting conversations. Puzzles me slightly, occasionally, since one wonders about the undercurrents involved. Never mind, there's plenty of room for all.  Vive la difference!

We've had a couple of idiots impersonating others, too. I've noticed a post by a jon cob, though he seemed a bit more literate than last time, besides a brumbAll. Idly amusing themselves? Makes you wonder about their emotional health, not to mention their level of maturity.

I'm wondering where Palaisglide is. Hope you are well, Frank.