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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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I was wondering the same thing GG. Frank- if you're there let us know how you are. On the subject of councils/rubbish etc what I don't get is the people who dump rubbish on lanes - ther are umpteen council dumps around my area which are easy to use and as they must have a car/van ...what is the matter with these people??? Our recycling is well intentioned here but we have silly bags for some things and the men just chuck them once empty. Scotlkand is rather a windy place so you usually have to hunt for them later  Trolls 

Gardening Grandma

I think some dumping is done for similar motives to trolling on a forum - an expression of anger and rebellion against society, which they feel has disadvantaged them. I guess if you feel powerless, causing mischief gives you back a sense of power. In my line of work, I've seen this often in teenagers of both genders. Some continue throughout life to fail to find a place of dignity and usefulness (don't mean to sound pretentious) and feel they have been done out of something. Anger is their response and it finds an expression in destructive behavour.


The trouble with council dumps is it's only domestic rubbish they will take for free and that does not include your regular domestic rubbish, for 'commercial' rubbish it has to be paid for and that unfortunately encourages fly tipping. In Ireland it is worse since there seems to be a lot more tipping of ordinary domestic waste such a shame since Ireland has beautiful countryside.

On the positive side there is 'tidy towns' in most area's where local people volunteer  their time to clean up the mess.

Gardening Grandma

And did I read that some people now have to use transparent rubbish bags - presumably so that the dustmen can check that nothing illicit is in there? We tend to use the council dump a lot, since going there seems to give my OH inexplicable pleasure and it does get rid of the mess. Most people, I suspect, would not bother and/or would not have time. Payment is the big issue, as you rightly say.


What I don't understand about all this recycling is the discrepency of what councils will and won't take.  We are not allowed to recycle yogurt/butter containers or any form of packaging, which I try to avoid anyway. Other councils take the lot.  We have two separate boxes for glass/tin and plastic but when it was noticed that these were both emptied into one of their huge wheely bins, started using only one. 

What I find really annoying is the 'operatives' who make a decision not to empty your bins because they are further than 1 metre from the edge of your property, or the garden recycling bin's top doesn't quite close.  This then involves an e-mail or phone call for a collection the following day.  What a waste of money.



Gardening Grandma

This is bloody mindedness on the part of the 'operatives.' There are always one or two! Bin men made my daughter in law (who has rheumatoid arthritis) empty her compost bin and repack it because she had used recyclable bags. Siince they recycle cooked food waste, this was a disgusting job.

We live in a narow lane and the council lorries can't get through, so they send a van. The men pick up the various recycling containers and toss the lot into the back of the van - together. Makes you realise the hypocrisy and  muddle involved in it all.


We have two bins, grey for general rubbish and green for garden and food waste. We also have plastic boxes for plastic,paper and glass. The bins are collected on alternate weeks, and the boxes fortnightly. I do not use the boxes as we have several skips in town at the backs of Sainsburys and Waitrose, and like GG's Other Half I find some perverse pleasure in a trip to our very well-managed and relatively clean council dump - interesting place and interesting people working there. Given the facilities dotted around this area I really cannot understand the people who want to despoil the lovely Chilterns, but I can appreciate GG's comments about repressed anger in some people - we also see a lot of that with some car drivers!
Very interesting views GG - can you tell me what your line of work is?

As for Trolls, as a recent convert to using computers for purposes other than work, I struggle to understand how they find the time to be so active and perverse, but more importantly why? ...........all these people around the world too, busy sending viruses here there and everywhere - I'm from a generation that struggles to get our heads around stuff like this! Must be time to plod up the allotment and get rid of my 'anger' and bash a few clods of earth!
Gardening Grandma

I was just a teacher in a comprehensive, dmball, then spent some years after retirement helping teach overseas students. It gave interesting insights into human nature! However, its a relief to be able to do my own thing. 


Which in GG's case is chattering on here all day.

Best go before I get the cane or detention.  Accounts calling - not quite loud enough.

Gardening Grandma

Tina, you are so right! i haven't been posting here for long, just a few weeks, but I am getting adicted. I keep telling myself I will only have a quick look and then I get drawn in. It will have to stop!

Thanks GG. My wife worked for Slough social services, and for some years was a Governor at a large comprehensive school in the town, with responsibilities for dealing with pupil exclusions, and sometimes she had to make decisions after hearing representations from the Headteacher,and parents and their lawyers - she also gained some insights into sometimes strange human behaviour! I suppose we shouldn't be surprised at the daft things people get up to - but like you We now do our own thing, and just make sure that we go through life not making waves that are big enough to disturb others.

Are you speaking for me, GG? Addiction, addiction. My grump is that I can't add anything positive about planting yet, as it's just too early here to start anything, but I am getting a lot of useful info for the future by reading all the posts and amusement too!

Frank is on line fit and well.
Councils are always under fire so I see no point in flogging it. As one who remembers councils who were all voluntary, people of the town who did it because they believed in towns being run properly with good services.
Along came labour and they announced they would pay Councilors and give them expenses. In our town of full and well paid employment we suddenly found all the people who did not want work on the Council and not only that they would also get their wives elected and boy did they spend our money.
Because the wages for the ordinary council workers were poor compared with industry a good pension scheme was put in place as an attraction which we are all now paying for.
As Industry was killed off the local councils became the largest employers in this area that means a lot of the income from Government and Rates goes on wages and pensions.
Is that good or bad?? At least people are employed in what is a bad area for employment, pensioners with extra cash can spend in the town shops and services, the jury is out on that one.
What was sown many years ago is now being harvested so blame our parents for letting it happen and a jobsworth has to earn his keep somehow.
Better go and check on my Lamb and Roast veg so it will be quiet for some while.



Afternoon Frank.  Been having a rest?

Had to stop what I was doing, preparing my roast, to have what I think is a rather funny rant.  Just retrieved a Savoy cabbage from cupboard under stairs (dark and cold), to find it is in a plastic bag.  That's pretty stupid.  What I found funny, however, is that there are instructions on how to cook it!!!  Now, did you know that you can microwave, steam or boil it. They haven't told me what to do with the plastic bag, which will have to go in the ordinary rubbish destined for land fill.

I'm waving the flag.  I give up!

Gardening Grandma

They keep a bit longer in plastic bags and that suits the supernmarkets. Just found a cauliflower I've had for a fortnight and forgot about. Sealed in a plastic bag from Asda it looks perfect - but probably has no vitamins whatsoever after all this time.

Tina, betwen postings I have cooked lunch and done the ironing. Just thought I'd mention it!

Swiss Sue, if I know the answer to a query, I'm thrilled and post it. I agree with you that this experience is about learning, for me, and I pick up lots of information and ideas for my gardening obsession.

Frank, glad you are OK. Councils do get a hammering - but they are very unwieldy and inefficient and sometimes information is not passed along the line so they repeat the same mistake over and over.



People I can't abide are showoffs   If the cap fits GG.


Good evening Gardening Grandma. As you are a teacher, I'd like to ask you something.

When I went to school 60 moons ago, I was taught that "the floor" was inside and "the ground" was outside. Nowadays I am always reading articles that, e.g., say  "the girl was thrown to the floor outside the pub" and similar outside situations. Am I missing something, has the English language changed? Just curious, as I was always very good at school and it really grates on me when I read things like that!

hollie hock

Not a teacher but in my world you can't have a floor outside a pub. A floor is a floor and that is something inside a building.


Good to see you're ok Frank. Have to agree with you Tina about the recycling thing. Having moved out of this area and back in I find it incredible that Renfrewshire provides a bin for ALL plastics yet here in East Ren only certain bits of plastic are to be taken (and they didn't on Friday   )and it's like a full time job removing bits and remembering what you can and cant do! Does highlight just how much we chuck out because when I was in previous house there was no recycling facility at all and it's so easy to throw everything in a bin. Feeling smug cos went for a 2hour walk, sowed seeds, brought in washing, washed rugs then gave friend the carpet washer, with demonstration, did the crossword and rustled up a stroganoff for tea. Am I a show off too Tina?