London (change)
28/03/2013 at 05:05

 Splutterring tea everywhere...great start  to my day GG. 

Reminds me of the first self cleaning loo I came across with a clock installed, an automatic wanring 'you have 10 minutes to vacate this facility' a warning poster about the door locking and police being invovled and the clock counted down...witha loud tick. Even more surreal as it was situated in a cemetery on the outskirts of Shrewsbury! 

28/03/2013 at 05:51

North of Mombasa the "ladies" walking on the roadside with parcels on their heads just stood still, splayed their legs and let go! In case you're wondering how I know all this, OH and I did an overland trip in our Landrover in 1976/77 via Turkey, Middle East, India to Kenya by cargo ship and down to South Africa. Back to UK on the last mail ship from SA, LR as baggage. I shall never forget the great time we had. Sadly, thanks to all the strife going on everywhere, this would now be impossible.

28/03/2013 at 07:25

What a marvellous adventure, Swiss Sue! No chance of anything like that for us. My OH refused to travel on anything but dry land for most of our lives, which limits the possible destinations! For his sixtieth birthday, I persuaded him to go on holiday to Cyprus. He had the psalms on tape and listened to them all the way there and all the way back!

Now, after all these years, he likes flying and loves to go away. Too late - income reduced by retirement and grandchildren, so its an occasional treat. So we're still touring this country in a caravan. Which we love, actually. Off soon, unless it is still freezing.

28/03/2013 at 07:31

Cilmeri, That really is surreal!  I've seen those notices in France but never here.

To come back to the subject of France, what also boggles my mind a bit is where they choose to put their loos. They seem to specialise in putting them in full view of a pavement cafe as part of the entertainment and then using glass doors. Also, why do you have to go through the men's urinals to get to the women's cubicles?

28/03/2013 at 07:58

Cilmeri- are you sure you weren't on the set of 'Aliens' ? Frank/Dad () Scotland is very clean because of the rain but unfortunately we need  new plumbers to sort out an off tap  Our midgies are very friendly they like company wherever you go. Avon 'skin so soft' is apparently very effective and is used by a lot of walkers. I think it's a moisturiser or something and some of the bigger companies have nicked it - at a vast price increase no doubt!  Dry today after snow again last night. GG you could save time and just use the urinal   

28/03/2013 at 08:17

Off to get ready for work - can't sit about drinking tea and chatting like all you lot you know  Snow to be swept off car. Still, it could be worse folks we could be living  in Syria/Cyprus/Baghdad - fill in your choice- on the whole we're pretty lucky here as I think we all know. Feel free to rant and disagree of course!  

28/03/2013 at 09:18
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Cilmeri- are you sure you weren't on the set of 'Aliens' ? Frank/Dad () Scotland is very clean because of the rain but unfortunately we need  new plumbers to sort out an off tap  Our midgies are very friendly they like company wherever you go. Avon 'skin so soft' is apparently very effective and is used by a lot of walkers. I think it's a moisturiser or something and some of the bigger companies have nicked it - at a vast price increase no doubt!  Dry today after snow again last night. GG you could save time and just use the urinal   

My aim isn't good enough. Won't speculate on the handstand required, either.

28/03/2013 at 09:34

Fairygirl/Daughter, Sitting here last night with my Grandson sitting at my feet and Granddaughter on the arm of my chair with an arm round my neck we were talking "Orrible Istories" as you do!
Marlborough Wellington Nelson, the hundred years war Waterloo and the Peninsular I happen to be a bit of a buff on them all as well as local History probably just as "orrible". Grandson taking history and had asked.
What would you have done Granddad says little one and like a blinding light my brain lit up, "Make them eat Carrot cake"?
Can anyone imagine all the shops closed and the French being made it to eat Carrot cake, they would give in faster than they did in 1940, we could then change their menu's to Tripe and onions, Panackelty, Welsh Rarebit, Haggis and Concannon. I can see their faces now and am enjoying the thought.
Does make me wonder, "what do all those French people living in London eat Faggots and Gravy, Stewed Eels?

The bairns thought it hilarious, and made some gruesome suggestions.

28/03/2013 at 10:26

Good Morning Everyone, Thank God Frank came to the rescue , was getting a little P$%£&^d with

the way the Rants was heading

28/03/2013 at 10:35

Carrot cake is a lot nicer than "pain d'epices" which is dry and hard with a strange flavour. And you should try "andouillette"  - offal sausage - yuk!

Now a rant.  My hotmail has been changed to and now I can't download attachments, which is essential as I'm a church warden of the C of E here. (If you're anti-religion, please don't say anything, each to his own).

28/03/2013 at 10:51

Oh, Buzy Lizzie, so's mine!  Nearly gave me a nasty turn this morning. Anything new throws me.

I would certainly hope that any one would say anything BL.  It's none if their business. Said in the nicest possible way folks.

What's this aversion to carrot cake? I love carrot cake especially the lovely icing on top.

28/03/2013 at 10:59
Frank, the French people in London have more than enough French cafes and restaurants in London to keep them happy - originally set up to cater for the Champagne Socialists from Islington (and I never mentioned Blair or Milliband!) and the Fatboy Tories from Kensington. The Liberals, of course, are mainly veggies and couldn't possibly make any comment.
I do hope that nobody misunderstands me, and thinks I am being disrespectful to our political parties.......................!
28/03/2013 at 11:10

Lizzie, good morning, not a word about religion, although most forces people tend towards some belief, I never found any atheists in a fox hole. My Daughter in California is the Church of Latter Day Saints and I can out quote her on the Bible hands down, but then I had it beaten into me and it was part of the school curriculum when I was young.
I had some awful meals in France as well as some very special ones too, the point being with my weak French I was never too sure what I was eating, plus the fact it was always covered in garlic type sauce so the taste would vanish in a cloud of garlic as you breathed out. The French troops I met lived on "Andouillette" rather an acquired taste I would say.
Now toilets "Derek" ahem, as lads dolled up to go to the dance we would all meet in a local Quayside pub pretending to be hard men. We would be in the bar and next door in a little snug would be the Ladies of the night who worked the ships docked there. The men's toilet was at the end of the bar and a trough about knee height the ladies up a flight of stairs as the pub was built on a bank. Unloading the beer already imbibed one night the door opened in walked on of the ladies pulled up her dress cocked her leg and proceeded. Frank lad in total shock looking at a sight that should never be seen almost spoilt his nicely creased pants, was still in shock when I went out to be greeted by ribald remarks on the speed at which said lady entered and left not saying much for my capabilities. I think I lost the bright red flush after an hour or so.


28/03/2013 at 11:29

Pentille, yes London is a place you can eat any of the worlds cuisines and the street food is wonderful, who said we Brits cannot cook, we just cannot cook our own food is all and when we do it is something weird like carrot cake???
As to politics I am neutral, each being as bad as the other all with their trotters in the feeding trough and having seen a variation of Governments each worse than the other have lost the will to vote.
I did think Green until a woman said it was mine and my parents fault we were in the state we were in, it appears we were wasteful???
Remembering unwrapped food, Milk from Churns in your own jugs, then Milk Bottles washed and returned to be used a million times, four page newspapers which were promptly collected by the Scouts along with cardboard tins and anything else, the fire ashes used on the garden and Vegetables all locally grown. Add food being used to the last crumb due to shortages and poor pay, I do think she was a bit over the top and withdrew any thoughts of voting for Windmills that don't work in the cold, I can imagine the people who have had the misfortune to know what the future holds as they lost all power would have something to say about all that.
Oh well that turned into another rant I was never like that before Gardening Grandma invented rants I blame her.


28/03/2013 at 14:22

Frank/Dad- I remember when it was all just fields....I know what you mean about Governments -I feel exactly the same way. And why are we continuing to give foreign aid to wealthy so called 'third world countries' when we have pensioners deciding whether to eat or put on their heating? My Dad worked his a"%* off till he was 77 paid his dues all his life, never asked for anything he wasn't entitled to, and it makes me furious when they talk about ours and his generation being to blame for everything. I'm now starting to spit feathers so I'll stop. On  a lighter note GG- my youngest daughter used to pee like a boy when she was little, especially out in the garden! She doesn't do it now....

28/03/2013 at 14:35
Don't think carrot cake is British, Frank - supposedly came fom Italy, and became popular over her after the war, when rationing made sugar scarce and carrots apparently made cake sweeter. That might be true, but we don't eat Woolton Pie or Snook now,so why carrot cake?

Totally different moan, more a worry than a rant, I read today that the global Internet has slowed down due to a 'war' between two large online companies, and experts think it could soon affect personal banking and emails. I worry that we are sometimes too trusting with electronic banking, and believe that the various security measures will take care of us.
I renewed an insurance policy on the phone a few days ago, and happily gave the person at a well known Insurance Company my card details - he then had in front of him my name, age, address, and card details. Whilst I hope that he is very trustworthy, what safeguards are in place to stop him passing these details to a third party? Then a few days down the line, I lose money and get told by my bank or card provider that I must have disclosed my details to someone else - well, I did 'cos that's the b....y system!
What with the problems in Cyprus I am more and more tempted to find space under my mattress for my cash - but they know where I live!

Well, that worry became a rant, methinks!
28/03/2013 at 15:08

Pentille, where ever carrot cake was invented it is still a blot on the landscape, Mr Wooltons pie a once a week delicacy in the Wartime School Canteen I was forced to frequent was often the best meal of the week all Vegetable and not masquerading as pudding, followed by Tapioca, how come we got so much of that back then. Fish every Friday boiled to bits then a very weak sauce thrown on and mashed potato, the whole tasteless but still better than carrot cake.

I am with you on the inter-net, I refuse to put any detail on this machine, renew my insurance by post and much to my daughters frustration actually go to a shop to buy the things I want, "I can do that on line dad" maybe so but how will you pay, "your card" not on your Nelly I have no trust in those on line thin-gees. I was reading about security and apparently some of the big online firms have been broken into but say nothing, it is cheaper to compensate irate customers than broadcast the fact.


28/03/2013 at 15:25

Fairygirl/ Daughter, Hang about, you remember it being green fields??? "Err" am I old enough to be your Dad?
At the last election three very well dressed young men arrived at my door, we can rely on your vote then Sir or was that meant as Cur? It is rather posh around here.
"And whom may you be" quoth me, we are the representatives of the XXX party. "Oh yes and what will you do for me should I be stupid enough oops sorry should I give you my vote. A pile of leaflets and a load of spiel later ( had time on my hands so let them educate me) I told them I heard that in the fifties the sixties the seventies and so on and it all got worse never better. Their faces said "we have a right one here" too B@##@# true you have, when I had told them I would never vote for them if they had feather dusters in various orifices of their bodies and dusted my house from top to bottom whilst waggling around, I think they got the point.
Like your Dad, I have never had anything from them, the thing that makes me spit shrapnel is the fact my government pension is classed as "Unearned Income" for tax purposes and I will pay taxes until the day i wander off to Valhalla, governments I have shot them or something like that.


28/03/2013 at 15:56

Frank/Dad-you must have been a child bride..  Don't get me started on the pensions..thieving B&^&*%*. A useful phrase for the 'doorstep sellers' of all types is a well used Scottish one 'Get it up ye' and you can add 'sideways' if the fancy takes you, and the addition of the word 'right' between 'it' and 'up' adds a certain something. Your mention of Mr. Crosby reminded me of the old joke 'what's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?'.... Bing sings- and Walt disnae....

28/03/2013 at 16:24

Fairygirl, all I hear is that we senior citizens are living too long, are too much of a drain on the NHS and get too many perks.  I was never in the fortunate position to be eligible for a works pension and the meagre amount I was able to pay into a private pension gives me the princely sum of £50 per month.  I get by because I have to.  I was incensed when watching a programme this week about the NHS when a sister, or whatever they are these days, was quite cutting about keeping old people alive. I find it really worrying that should I ever be in that position, money will take precedent over the NHS doing their best for me. 

As for online shopping, have been doing it since 1999.  Started with groceries and then really got the bug.  Order anything and everything and have never had a problem.  I suppose the trouble is, this has had a knock on effect and the shops are now disappearing.  It's not the shoppers fault, it the technology.