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Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Then there are the elderly drivers like my father in law, who always drove his car down the middle of the road at 25 miles an hour. His sight deteriorated to the point where he always took his daughter with him to tell him when cars approached him in the opposite direction.

An elderly friend was still driving at age 92. He was stopped by the police one Sunday morning because he was driving too slowly. He replied, 'Don't bother me now, officer. I'm in a hurry to get to church!'

is this a joke? cas there would be no way that id let anyone who coundnt see drive a car.

Not even a ride on lawn mower,and as for the 92 year old well!

Marty some day we all grow old and in this day and age the elderly often need some transport. I say better the older driver who has driven for years is insured and taxed and on average drives fewer miles than most.
It is the boy racers, 30 lessons and a pass at thirty miles an hour who then buy clapped out old bangers no insurance they cannot afford it so usually no tax either doing wheelies and handbrake turns on the supermarket car park, or worse still doting mothers letting their teenagers loose in their own cars.
Thank goodness I am not the Policeman having to knock on a door and tell the parents the bad news. Any Grandparent  who has driven the school run and still shaking hours later after seeing the atrocious standards of driving would prefer the days when kids walked to school I am sure.


Gardening Grandma

Its true that the young get into accidents more often than the elderly. The stories above are much less likely to happen nowadays, because there is more supervsion of older drivers. My father in law only stopped driving around his village when my husband threatened to report him to the police if he ever went on the road again!

I could tell more stories like this. I know a man in his sixties who never drives outside the Welsh valley town he lives in. My husband had to meet him and lead him to our town because it is on the other side of the M4 and he had never crossed the motorway. He did drive to London once and was stopped on the M25, again for driving too slowly. He wasn't wearing a seat belt. When told off for this, he replied, 'Round our way we never bother.'



Hi Frank i do understand what your saying its just if you cant see you cant drive surely.

The boy racers ,well thats up to them but police seem to be a lot more on them, but id woundnt want to knock the door of a parent to tell them that my grandad as hit there

child down or killed them cas he coundnt see.

Gardening Grandma

You are right, Marty. He was stubborn and could not accept what was obvious to others. However, you'll be old one day and may find it hard to accept, too, because it is only the body that ages. The inner person feels as young as ever.


Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

You are right, Marty. He was stubborn and could not accept what was obvious to others. However, you'll be old one day and may find it hard to accept, too, because it is only the body that ages. The inner person feels as young as ever.

My dad was the same GG and I was frightened to go in the car with him. I was glad when the garage said it would cost more to repair the car than it was worth! He drove very little which I think is also part of the problem- the roads are a scary place for a lot of older drivers these days. Dad/Frank- the schoolrun drivers are amongst the worst. They'd drive their &%$*9ing kids into the classroom if they could!  My nephew got a fright early on in his driving life as some boys he'd been at school with were killed.It certainly made him realise how easily it can happen. We constantly have a laugh at work with one of the girls as she's a 'middle lane' driver but she takes it well!


Heres a short rant following a discussion on another thread. 

I get really annoyed when I go into a shop - waiting to pay I hear theres a self service check out free over there.  The key word there for me is service, I am not blind, I can see there is a self serve isle free, I have chosen not to use it because I preffer someone to serve me, thats what they are payed for also, if everyone is using self serve then theres no need to pay the wages of the poor bugger that sits there all day and gets minimum wage to ring it through the till. The next thing you know they are not needed and thats another one joining the unemployment queue. 

I know I said this was going to be a short rant but I lied;

Another thing I detest is people who shop online when they can easily go to a shop. I used to be a manager in a furniture store and people would come in and take up several hours of your time having you basically interior design their house (which would cost them a couple of grand if they had used an interior designer) but then say "is it cheaper if I buy it online" when you have already offered them a discount because they are potentially spending alot of money (which comes out of your pocket commission - which is your wage). What people don't seem to realise is that if you buy online (and that's most things) there are no need for stores or shops - People go out of work, shops close and businesses fold.. 

If you can go into a shop and buy you should.


Discodave I hate long rants but then I also lie as I write so many, is it a disease I ask.
Self service points are in our local market a place of entertainment, the screaming ranting throwing things around and walking out leaving everything on the bench must tell the Bosses something as well as make us smile as we pass yet another uproar. There was a screaming match on Thursday when I was in and I was down the far end of the proper check outs when it burst out, still going on when I walked past so quicker?? I think not.
Dave if and when I buy Furniture not as often now although Daughter would like to refurnish house conservatory and greenhouse if she could, I like to see it feel it picture it in place and then buy it where I can complain if needed or change it easily. Furniture shops are places I spend my money and we have a very good one, top of the line but nothing breaks or goes back.
I would never put my details on line.

Frank sorry about the long rant? "err" well not really.

Fairygirl/Daughter, I was on the school run for a long while and would quote Alfred lord Tennyson to myself, the Charge of the Light Brigade.
Idiots to the right of me
Idiots to the left of me
Idiots in front of me argued and chuntered
Driving through curse and gesture
Waving of arms and "God bless yer"
Into the school run of death
Drove Gallant Grand-pop.

I was actually a white van man from being 64 to giving up at 66 and did Stockton to London three times a week as well as many places in Scotland between whiles. Down and back in a day, right on every speed limit the very latest vans and vast amount of expensive gear in back. Friday I drove to the Vale of York, Motorway and spot on 70 alone on they inside lane as the queued to pass in the outside lanes.
My eye's better than my Daughters they ask me to thread needles for them and that without glasses, I will know when it is time to give up driving as I knew when it was time to hand in my HGV licence, old people are not idiots, probably why we also gave up the school run apart from Grandson now walking to school with his mates he prefers to.

Frank, Sorry another long rant "err" I love them.


Frank/Dad- keep 'em coming! 

I need to go out now or I'll get nothing done. B&Q for new light switches as all the lights have gone in kitchen- b&*^&* dimmer switches . I'll be back to candles soon.. There will no doubt be things there to tempt me.

As long as there's someone on the checkout..have you tried putting bark/timber/large pots through these effing/blinding  self service checkouts..

Well, I certainly,share the rant about driving.
Speeding everywhere. Nonody seems to be aware of the danger.
My young niece was hit by another young driver..boy racer...who just decided to cross the road in front of her at speed
Her ...brand new was smashed front and back. A write off. Apart from whiplash and minor injuries she was ok. She was lucky.
Police do not seem to charge speeding motorists preferring to give cautions.
Damgerous driving needs to be penalised heavily.
Repeat offenders should be banned from driving.
Hey......these rants are good, aren't they?
Frank,very appropriate talking about furniture and service. Two months ago I bought a fairly expensive cabinet from a furniture store in Ash Vale, in Hampshire, 40 miles from me (I knew of it because mum-in-law lived in the area). Anyway, the interior light developed a problem, I phoned the shop who said could be a faulty light tube, and they would order one from the German manufacturer. Three days later 5foot long parcel arrived at my house - the Germans had sent me the whole lighting unit, 'just in case'. Yesterday, the furnishers sent two men to me, and they spent half an hour sorting out the lights on the cabinet, 80 mile round trip! Now that's service. For anyone living in Surrey, Hampshire, check out the web site of Vale Furnishers.
Same as my local corner shop, he stocks most things you think you might need, and gets stuff in if you ask. Last year, despite never having heard of it, he bought in some Sago - I had to tell him what it was, and where it was obtained! Lovely bloke, and I do my utmost to support him and people like Vale Furnishers.
These people know that their jobs depend on service to the customer, and return business, and the bonus of it all is that everybody is happy, and their working environment is that much more pleasing.
So apologies to all the good people who work in Tesco, B & Q, et al - but support your local shops and businesses - don't let your High Streets become wastelands!

Flowergirl, I think you will find there are no shops open!

Having read all the rants about drivers, I'm feeling quite virtuous. I gave up driving about 8 years ago, not because my driving was bad but because other road users scared me.  I lost my confidence. I also totted up how much the car was costing me and decided cabs were the answer. The only problem I have is if I wish to visit GC's, I have to wait for one of my three kids to take me. 

Have an 18 year old grandson about to take driving test and I'm not happy.  I remember when I passed my test many years ago and when the roads weren't like they are today, I needed total quiet to concentrate on what I was doing.  In time, like all things, driving just came naturally.  You now get 4 youngsters in a vehicle, with mobiles going, music and chattering.  How can they ever keep their mind on what they are supposed to be doing.  I understand he will have some box installed in his vehicle. Not sure what all that is about.

As for shopping on line, Verdun, this is a godsend for people like me. I don't feel guilty as I blame all the big, out of town stores which sprung up some years ago.  All sorts of shops in one outlet which killed the High Street. 

Tina, I would say your confidence has returned in your writings they certainly do not look like those of a trembling Virgin (That does not sound quite right but hey ho it is down now).
Our Town centre is pretty bleak now, it needs to change use as it did 200 years ago from a residential High Street to a shopping centre, it already had a large market. The people at the time raised H@#@, they did not want shops among their posh town houses. Now we have the opposite they do not want the shops to close yet shop on line or at the large out of town places.
Time does not stand still as habits change and to me the changes are irreversible then so will town centres. Our own local get anything shop has just closed down, I did frequent it often but as the owner said "I cannot live on selling one packet of nails per day"  such is life as we knew it changing course.

My Ham is smelling lovely as it cooks in the oven, lunch will be later today because of the hour.



First paragraph made me laugh Frank.    Lack of self confidence started to wane when I left school.  Did go to a tech but I always knew how many were in the class as I always came 35 out of 36! Went to work, loved what I got into and all I wanted to do was learn. Still doing same now.  What I have found as I've got older is that I get silly hangups, like being nervous to drive.  Just one of many. 

We have no High Street left as such.  You can't buy anything there, unless you visit a Charity shop.  A lot has been due to the excessive rents being asked.  A pet shop, which had been there ever since I could remember, had it's rent doubled over night.  Proprietor tried to negotiate but got nowhere and that's what happened to practically every shop.  We now have every charity shop imaginable, 9 hairdressers, usual banks, etc, McDonalds, KFC, 4 cafes and, the latest, pawn brokers and shops to sell your old gold/silver.  Forgot, Poundland.


That's sad Tina - I used to live in Bexley before I got married; Bexley village was nice, and they had a restaurant in the Old Mill; Bexleyheath had shops providing everything you might need and I remember the first supermarket opening in Blackfen.

I now live in Marlow-on-Thames, a nice market town with some decent shops, but of course, a sprinkling of coffee bars and hairdressers. McDonalds have been desperate to get a foothold for years, but the Town Council don't want them, and apart from the kids, nor does anyone else!
Tina, how much are items in poundland?

Actually cheeky Verdun it's a 99p shop, so even better than Poundland.  You know what they say about the pennies.

Pentillie, the minute I put in my postcode, up pops Bexley, but that's not where I live.  Not far away though.  Bexley Village is still sort of thriving and, of course, The Old Mill is still there but there's no McDonalds either! I think they would find it difficult to obtain suitably large enough premises it being such a small oldy worldy place.  Would need several shops to be empty to make it viable.  Mind you, there was a very suspect book shop which opened there some years back, blacked out windows, ring the bell type, right near the library. Not sure if it's still there.  Message to moi.  Check that out.  Bexleyheath is having yet another revamp, at considerable cost to the Council Tax payer and with Bluewater just down the road, total waste of money.

Hope you manage to keep McD at bay.  In the evening, there is quite a large police presence in the Town and I certainly wouldn't venture there.  Sign of the times, I'm sad to say. 

Hope that your town manages to stay the same.



I used to live on the out skirts of Dublin if you wanted to go to town it was a 3/4hr bus ride car parking was up to £2 an hr or part there off and then they opened Blanchardstown shopping center (free all day parking) it was huge it has car space for up to 5000 and every weekend it would take nearly an hour of a  drive to get from my house to main city road and it was only 2 miles long it seemed that every person from the rest of the country would descend on this part of Dublin one of the reasons I moved to the country , where I am living now is a small village with a local chemist a butchers 3 pubs and a chipper/pizza and chinese takeout ,pop 2500