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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Just reading the rants about cyclists. I am a cyclist and have got knocked off twice in the last 6 years. 1st was a car driver not looking when he opened the car door. I managed not to hit car door with front wheel but ended up having a major op on my shoulder where i had torn muscle and rotator cuff off of the bone. Very painful and a very long recovery. All the driver said was oh sorry dear i didnt see you. Second time was by a cyclist coming out of a no cycling alley way. Yet another trip to hospital, luckily nothing broken but very shaken and bruising that didnt help the arthritis in my spine.

There has been countless near misses all by drivers that think its funny to drive so close to you and then overtake and stop in front. There are many good drivers but perhaps they should ride a bike and see what its like from this side.

On a lighter note i hope you all had a good easter and managed to get some gardening done


In France it's illegal to drive less than a metre from a cyclist. Is it the same in the UK?

Oh no. A white van man missed me by a centimetre which is no fun when the roads are full of potholes. He thought it funny when i swore at him.

In the UK I think the law states that 'motorists must pass cyclists at a safe distance' - which of course, is wide open to varying interpretations. Perhaps any lawyers or police people on this forum can clarify - although 'a safe distance' at least should be pretty b....y obvious!

Mother child parking I have used as a Granddad of course for one very simple reason, with two young children in a car you can park one on the pavement in front of the shop whilst getting the other little "err" beauty out, it does help to know where they are.
Out on the open car park always seem to me a bit of a battlefield in fact there were times I would have been safer on one, the school run seems to erupt onto those places where they all fight for the places nearest the door when there are a hundred empty spaces a few yards walk away.
They call it busy mother syndrome, I call it the idiot run, they have the most precious people in their weapons of war and do not appear to care about it. No school run in my day we walked and secondary school was a bus ride. My young Grandson now walks to school, he thinks it naff to ride and even on Swimming Baths day will walk to meet the car, I notice his legs are better for it.



flowering rose

I would like to catch the litter lout who drops is can of coke and fag packet out side my house every day because I would follow him home and dump the lot in his home and make him read the warning on the packet.


That's how I feel about the owner who lets his dog c..p on the edge of my drive all the time.  Don't fancy picking it up though! Get the council out to do that, being as they say there's nothing they can do about it. You can't spend 24 hours looking out the window can you.

Tina, you can spend 24 hours looking out of your window CCTV.


...or get that armoured car Frank suggested be used against aggressive London cyclists, and park it on the drive - not sure whether you should aim at dog or owner?
Woodgreen wonderboy

Many years ago a neighbour of mine (it was a nice area, honest) dumped some waste in the countryside. The farmer on whose land it was noticed an envelope with an address, so he scooped it all up and redumped it on my neighbour's front garden. Nice one, and it even made the local newspaper. I don't believe it happened a second time.


Was asked if I would like a speed camera when I constantly complained about the speed of the traffic in my road! Council hasn't offered a CCTV camera but they might get so fed up with me, it may be in the offing! I might even suggest it. 

Definitely aim at the owner Pentillie - twice.


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

In France it's illegal to drive less than a metre from a cyclist. Is it the same in the UK?

I think I've heard that here BL but not sure. Is it because when drivers give cyclist a wide body swerve on narrower roads they end up on the other side of the road and therefore cause a problem with oncoming traffic?

Litter...aaagh   My mum used to tell me off for putting rubbish in my pocket when I was very young because she had to take it out if she washed the jacket, but , as I explained - what was I meant to do with it if there was no bin? I vowed if I had children I would never tell them off if they put their rubbish in pockets as I hate litter and I'm pleased to say they are litter conscious and hate it as much as me. I must be doing something right! People who let dogs s#*@ and then walk away should have it returned to them whenever possible. Definitely keep on about the camera Tina!

And what is that thing they do with the dog pooh bags thrown in trees.... Are they mad??

cats.hate them.if they are pets then why do people let them poo where ever they cat owners know the meaning of pet,wild animal,domesticated and bone idle?answer  is no,yes,no,YES.

people who own cats without litter trays are like people who let their dogs poo on the pavement but ten times worse,as the dogs don't kill small animals and birds and they don't deficate in peoples gardens.

the government should have all cats dna registered,so when they poo in the garden you can get the neglectful owner fined.most of my neighbours have cats without litter trays,so i asked my neighbour one day where her cat poos and she said she didn't know.i will tell you it was in my garden where my two young kids play.if she doesn't care or know then she isn't fit to own a cat.

Plenty of cat deterents for use in your garden cotty.

Cat deterents don't work. I have a cat, didn't ask for her, she was a rescue cat. I have a litter tray for her, which she uses if she's in the house, but when she's outside she goes in my flower pots, the veg. garden, the flower beds. If I put the litter tray outside she doesn't use it at all. I've bought every product ever made and chased her and turned the hose on her. Doesn't work. I live in the country, no neighbours to upset. There are plenty of places she could go in the surrounding woods and fields. I think cats are just untrainable. 


Lyn wrote (see)
Plenty of cat deterents for use in your garden cotty.

None work so I got a lttle Westie, that worked a treat. Benji asked what had happened to his snacks when the cats had gone.


if a cat poos in my garden can i treat it like a rat and have it dealt with as it isn't acting like a pet is it.come on any cat that isn't house/litter trained is acting like their wild forms and aren't pets,they are vermin.

why do people let cats be cats.why is it accepted that,that is what they do.

what is wrong with guinea pigs


I love guinea pigs. My children had them when they were small. The babies were born tiny but like minature adults with fur. Soooo cute! They had no sense of personal hygiene though. They pooed any old where, but they lived in a cage with a run so I cleaned it out. The pet rabbits were clean and always went in the same place! Easier to clean out.

I love to hear storys of children having animals and loving them, i wonder how cottys kids feel about animals. I dare say they hear him when he rants off.
Gardening Grandma

i bought my granddaughters lop-eared rabbits for their birthdays a couple of years ago. They loved them, but after three months Lizzie's was found dead in his hutch one morning. She mourned her, burying her in the garden with appropriate readings and prayers (her father is a minister) and read a specially written poem over her grave. She then hung the poem in her bedroom with a photograph of the rabbit. We all cried a little.

But now, with the resilience of children, although she was given a new rabbit, neither child has much interest in them any more and they live out their lives in the garden, looked after but largely ignored - except by my two dogs when we visit!