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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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I understand your annoyance Dove.  My son's girlfriend is Finnish and she speaks beautiful English. albeit with a slight accent.  I think it's these call centres where the problems arise because, quite frankly, the accent is often so heavy, it is difficult to understand what's being said.  When I called British Gas recently, it was quite obvious that the chap in question didn't understand what I was asking, hence I have just had another estimated bill!!  I would rather e-mail my queries.

Actually came on here to have a rant.  Did anyone else hear this morning the news that 12million tons of 'green' waste is shipped abroad every year?  Why are we bothering I wonder, especially when some of these stroppy collectors refuse to take it if the lid is not fully closed.  I thought about it as I filled my bin.


Tina-it's pathetic isn't it. And then they preach to us all about being green-cos we're all in this 'big society' together you know...and all the fuss and push to meet green targets just means the utility companies are just royally sh***ing us. That's why you're going to get a shock with your gas bill. It makes my blood boil that people will be choosing food or fuel and this very cold spell only makes it worse. I like to recycle but as you say-why are we bothering?

Anyway I've had a flutter on the National-does anyone want a rant about it???

GG- I thought you might be running in it....GeeGee-get it?

Getting my coat now..


My horse was third woo hoo!

I can buy some plants!!

GG -the Welsh just -missed a winner -2nd and 3rd both Welsh trained.

Not normally a ranter, just read another thread about some 'exclusivitiy' and not sticking strictly to the subject of gardening.  It made me very angry, some days when OH is working late, this is the only 'adult' company I get during the day.  Then I see some 'do you want to join our gang' type thread, because people go off topic and don't stick to talking about runner beans or bedding plants.  I've seen more adult behaviour at the Foundation1 class at my son's school.

It's unfortunate that some very experienced gardeners have decided to jump ship, as I value their advice.  I also think their dismissal of the chatty threads is very misguided indeed.  Stay at home Mums, the Elderly, Sick and Disabled posters probably don't have a chance to chat anywhere else, and facebook is full of navel-gazing and rubbish.

Long live the chatty threads, and if you're going to be like that, my gang will come round and beat up your gang.  And my Dad's harder than yours.


Mummy muddy paws 'like'

I Quite agree chatty threads like gay marriage are not for everybody, but when will people realise it isn't compulsory

Anyway back to moving top soil , i got quite a bit to shift.


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

I think we should have a Marbles championship, if anyone has any left 


blackest wrote (see)

Mummy muddy paws 'like'

I Quite agree chatty threads like gay marriage are not for everybody, but when will people realise it isn't compulsory

Anyway back to moving top soil , i got quite a bit to shift.

MMP- you're dead right. 

And just like the telly-there's an off switch! 

Blackest-haven't you finished yet?

Seriously though-what are you doing with your wall-will you render it? You look like you have a fair bit of it!

Venture into the potting shed for garden gossip, topical debate or idle chit-chat.

Mummy Muddy Paws, the reason I came on this board after looking at a few when the BBC decided to quit was because the FORUM (a place to discuss) was divided into sections and clearly defined as to what they were, they also had a chatting thread.
The Potting shed clearly states Gossip debate or idle chat and that is good enough for me.
It appears some do not like to chat, well others do and for those not able to join in for any reason then it is their own choice.
We do not chat on Plants or Vegetables so toe the line, and who set up members of this board to be Policing the threads, I would assume the Staff are quite capable of doing that.
I do notice I have not been asked to join any cliques maybe my face does not fit and if asked I would turn it down as anything I have to say I can say to my friends on this board, they soon tell me if they disagree.



Frank/Dad-as Groucho Marx once said- 'I don't want to join a club that would have me as a member' ..! 

Methinks sometimes people get too embroiled. It's what I'd expect of 9yr olds not adults, but hey- what do I know!

Frank, I quite agree.  I've not been asked to join either, probably because I'm chatty and ramble most of the time.  Used to have a razor sharp wit and a tongue to match, but after 4 years of wiping bums and noses, my brain is going soft, and to my shame I know the schedule of most of the programmes on Cbeebies.  I'm sticking with the GW gang, because they're knowlegeable, kind (Mostly), and generally will bear with me whilst I ramble, and will have a laugh with/at me (one of the reasons why I've not posted an avatar is because I look like Worzel Gummage on a good day).

There are lots of posters on here whom I'd miss very much, Palaisglide, Verdun, Brumbull, Blackest, Dove, FloBear, Fairygirl and Gardening Grandma are the ones who spring to mind.  The ones who offer advice in the gentlest way, who will tell you if you're doing something daft, but not be rude about it (we've all done daft things - a drinking competion at Uni with most of the rugby team springs to mind - I'd just spent the summer working in a city-centre bar and very NEARLY won).  There are other posters who are just as valued (but maybe haven't posted lately, so I've forgotten them temporarily), these are the usual suspects that when reply to a thread, I jump on it expected to be entertained or enlightened, regularly both at once.

I just needed to vent about people being cliquey, Hellfire, I get enough of that at the school gates, because I only moved into the village when I married my Husband, and haven't lived here all my life (most folks have, it's one of the posher mining villages).  Life's too short for such petty squabbles, and rather than move out there's the option of the 'ignore' button.  I reserve that only for trolls, as someone will have a wildly different opinion than me - that's just what it is, opinion, both equally valid, none necessarily 'right'.  I like a good discussion, if it's heated, fair enough, petty bickering and sqabbling I have no time for.  I have enough at home separating small girl from small boy's lego, or small boy from small girl's stacking blocks.


Mummy MP you don't have to post an avator of yourself and I'm sure you don't look like Wurzel Gummage! You can choose a pic of something pretty in your garden or anything you like.

My very short rant today is that in sunny Dordogne it was cold, 6°, windy and grey today! Warmer in England! But we are going to England on Tuesday. Hurray! Does anyone know whether it will stay warm? What shall I pack? 

Lizzie, the longer range forecast is slightly warmer but also wetter so bikini and wellies?? I think not.
Coats, jumper, gamp and solid water proof shoes should do it.

Mummy MP, I did the school run for a while collecting grandchildren, the looks I got as I stood apart made you uncomfortable until a Lady who knew me walked up big smile and kiss on cheek, after that they all spoke to me.
As for avatar who needs them after all Frank is my name.



MMP and we wouldn't want to lose you.  You are very entertaining. Always enjoy your posts.

When my youngest started school, I think I must have been the oldest Mum at the school gates.  Only 3 'girls' spoke to me as the others were too busy trying to outdo each other. When grandson, who I cared for from the age of 4, started, the only time I was spoken to was when they were doing a class collection to buy a present for the teacher.  Never found out what they bought as they never bothered to tell me. Didn't lose any sleep over it. 

BL, if you are in Kent, will be warmish but expect rain. I'm hoping they will get the rain bit wrong.

Gardening Grandma

What a lot of sense has been talked here tonight! Thanks all, I needed it after the recent conflict and folly. What grieves me most about the covert recruiting is that NOBODY RECRUITED ME!!! Its a bit like sexual harassment. WHY hasn't anybody harassed me????

Incidentally, who was it that thought I was running in  a gee gee race? Seen my photograph, have you?

(I hope everybody realises that I am joking....)



MMP  - it doesn't matter what picture you choose as your avatar - I just happen to have chosen this one as it's a particularly good likeness 


MMP and GG no invited me either

I'm actually quite glad I wasn't invited.  It seems it's for very serious, dedicated gardeners.  The only thing I'm seriously dedicated to is chocolate!!

MMP, if people are very serious,dedicated gardeners, then they won't have much spare time to go on forums. I enjoy my garden and allotment, and when the weather finally warms up, I will have so much to do that I'll probably forget to look at forums again until the autumn. I wouldn't classify myself as serious, or even dedicated; keen,yes - those who want their own 'special' forum might find they don't have the time anyway.