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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Thanks MMP. I'll have another look.  Yes, I have small hands.  In the days when you could buy gloves by size, way before your time, I needed a 6, which shops rarely stocked. Like you, it's the lower part of my arm that needs protecting but I can't bear anything that doesn't fit snug.

Will check the Notcutts on line, but don't recall ever seeing that name here.

Hope you get to use them this weekend. Bloody weather.


Just checked.  Nearest one 22 miles away!  Bit too far for a pair of gloves.

Thanks anyway MMP,

Most fingers were the right length, apart from little finger and one next to it, but not flopping about like lots of gloves, so something I can put up with.  The ladies tough touch will probably be OK for you, as I was trying on gloves that were small in Dobbies (they lied when I rang, saying they had several pairs of gauntlets - I suppose they did, but only in one style), they were marked size 5-6.  If it's any help, the gloves I was using were the briers' ladies gardening gloves, the pink ones.  They fit really nicely.

Gardening Grandma

Resurrecting an old rant, why do cheap shops stock plants and then not water them!???

I saw whole boxes of little perennial plants in Aldi on Monday that were going to be unsaleable unless they were watered right then! In another shop (it was yet another spohisticated tour of the cheap shops) there were lots of hyacinths on a shelf with not enough clearance so that the hyacinths were bent over and they had probably never been watered. I bought the four best and am nursing them. The others were already unsaleable. What's the point? In both shops, i wanted to rescue the lot, but knew that I'd have to pay full price for dying plants. Perhaps I should check their bins next week!


Time to take action I think, with the Supermarkets. I just left them a message asking them to water their plants, If we can just make them aware of how unhappy we are about the situation and the bad publicity they are generating for themselves then perhaps they will do something about it. is the UK page. thats a link to customer services. Hopefully they will listen.




I got a quick response from the uk page but they think its an Irish problem so if anyone feels like chiming in over in the UK please do


Gardening Grandma

Will do, though it was actually Aldi, supposed to belong to the brother of the owner of Lidl, after a quarrel. Probably nonsense!


Aldi and lidl are not related.

The name Lidl is the surname of a former business partner of Josef Schwarz's, Ludwig Lidl, a retired schoolteacher, and Josef's son Dieter Schwarz bought the rights to the name from him for 1,000 German Marks, as he could not use the name Schwarz Markt; schwarzmarkt means "black market".

Aldi was founded by 2 brothers and was split in 1960 due to a dispute over selling cigarettes at the till. the name Aldi—short for Albrecht-Diskount was coined in 1962. They are actually aldi north and aldi south and tend to operate in different countries but do share brands. (yes too much time...)



You need to get out more! ...

Agree with you about these places though. I bought some herbs from a B&M store recently and they were going to suffer the same fate. Mine have come on well but I don't know about the stock they'll have left.

Clicked and ranted.  Please others do the same, Blackest has even provided the link, so you have no excuse.

Blackest, would it be a good idea to put that link in a separate thread, if enough GW forum members complain, even those that don't normally post - Lurkers, you know who you are - then Aldi might actually do something about it.

Ranty pants are GO GO GO!!


Please Miss MMP, I'm not signed up to Facebook.  May I be excused.

Aldi have replied - you need to put the store where the dead and dying plants are, then they will 'pass your message on to the store'

TinaTurner, I don't blame you, OH isn't signed up to faceache either.  I'm only signed up for the competitions.  And to find out which of my friends have finally 'come out', there have been two so far, one I was close to in 6th form (and would never have guessed - I just thought he was concentrating on passing his A levels), the other I worked with, and we kept saying he'd make a lovely wife for someone, someday!

Commented on the post again, they have me down as Blackest, I'm not even on the same island as he is!!  Have had another rant at them.  I have even suggested a way they can check who is watering and who isn't - they know how many plants they've sent out, and they know how many have been sold - therefore they must know how many have been chucked away.  Goodness, GG, you have got my Ranty side well off the leash today!

You would think they would READ the complaint posts, reply to the correct person.


Thought that was Mummy Muddy Paws soon as I saw the post, there are a lot of aldi's around i go into Mallow Blackpool and Mayfield in Cork and also the store in Cobh though i havent seen plants in Cobh its a bit far for a regular visit, Lidl have stores in Charleville, Mallow, Churchfield, near Mayfield in Cork and next door to the Aldi in Cobh. The situation seems to be universal.

Tesco's don't water either but they do cut the prices as soon as they wilt a bit and clear them out for pennies not long after.

Public shaming is probably the only way to get through to these companies.




You go for it MMP! A girl after my own heart. 

I did do the Genes Reunited thingy some years back but never followed it up.  Did have one person contact me, but couldn't remember who she was. Never responded. Not for me.  Have the friends I want.  I went to an all girl's school and have had no contact with any of them since I walked out the school gates on the last day. All the male friends I made after leaving school were definitely male

Sorry, off topic.



I'm the same-all girls school- couldn't wait to get out!

MMP-you have more b****s than a lot of men I've known!

I bow down to the 'ranty pants Queen'!

Ive not got a rant today only praise for local hospital. Have been suffering with awful pain in my foot for 3 months. Finally went to Drs this morning and was sent for xray at the hospital was seen within 10 minutes. Everyone was polite and cheerful.


I also went to an all girls school, hated it, especially as the uniform was brown and yellow. It was known locally as S##'@ and custard. Disgusting


Think if I posted it in a separate thread people might think it was a survey for growlights or something. Can't always get any success but if you never try, nothing changes.

Friend of mine told me of the insane situation that the coach companies will not let a baby travel in a car seat, forcing the car seat to be put in the hold and making for a fretful baby and uncomfortable passengers stuck on a coach with a crying baby for 2 hours. The transport minister acknowledged my email and it is the bus companies official policy. Still got ignored but at least i pushed the issue.


I lied i do have a rant bl#### laptop is on a go slow. Think i ned a new one maybe if im good for the rest of the year i could get one for christmas. Its a very long time to be good and i probably wont manage it.